Cutting Chemical Plant Maintenance Reworks And Backlogs Using Digital Work Instructions

Chemical plant maintenance managers are finding a new challenge looming on the horizon, a challenge that could soon mean more reworks and backlogs. The reason? The chemical industry workforce is getting older and experienced frontline workers are retiring in ever-greater numbers. This means companies will lose a lot of tribal knowledge these retiring workers have built over their careers. Once these experienced technicians and operators leave, that knowledge is gone… forever.

This whitepaper discusses a way chemical plants can preserve that tribal knowledge before it’s lost and pass it along to new hires and less experienced frontline workers today. This digital solution permits remote guidance and mentoring, enabling experienced veterans to give instructions to younger colleagues as they conduct work order repairs, reducing reworks and preventing backlogs.

Key takeaways:

  • The chemical industry maintenance workforce is aging
  • As older workers retire, they take irreplaceable tribal knowledge with them
  • Upskilling and training new hires is difficult due to time and budget restraints
  • Skills gaps lead to more reworks and backlogs
  • Digital work instructions allows a way to preserve tribal knowledge, cut reworks and decrease backlogs

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