Don’t Overlook UI/UX When Considering a Mobile Maintenance or Warehouse Solution

Mobile maintenance and warehouse solutions come with a long list of features and functionalities. Some of these will draw your interest while others will likely be of little importance or value. One feature that often gets forgotten is UI/UX. Giving UI/UX the short shrift often results in low user adoption and a poor return on investment.

This whitepaper explains the importance of UI/UX and why it should play a larger role in IT’s evaluation of any mobile plant maintenance or warehouse solution.

Key takeaways:

  • What to look for in a mobile solution
  • A best-in-class connected worker platform will digitize the last mile between frontline workers and a plant’s back-office system of record (SAP or IBM Maximo)
  • How IT can influence the buying decision toward strong UI/UX

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