Fixed Asset Tracking 101

Fixed Asset Tracking 101

What, Why and How

Managing fixed assets in today’s complex business climate should not be limited to period end exercises, but it is a must-have regular activity. Correctly maintained fixed asset information helps business owners/executives to formulate effective policy and decisions regarding stakeholders’ investments to comply with internal and regulatory obligations. An accurate accounting of fixed assets will, not only save time and money, reduce theft, improve planning and budgeting, but also help organizations eliminate ghost assets or fixed assets that appear on a businesses’ general ledger.

The Key Takeaway from this whitepaper:

  • Challenges of Manual Asset Tracking
  • Streamline your Fixed Asset Tracking Processes using best practices
  • Customizing Fixed Asset Reporting for a better insight on Tax Planning
  • Selecting the Right Mobile Fixed Asset Management Solution which can seamlessly integrate to your SAP ERP

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