How a Mobile-First, Connected Workforce Can Help Food & Beverage Plants Lessen COVID-19 Risks

How a Mobile-First, Connected Workforce Can Help Food & Beverage Plants Lessen COVID-19 Risks

The food and beverage industry has been hard-hit due to COVID-19. Numerous plants have had to close or curtail production. Not because food or drinks have been contaminated – according to the Centers for Disease Control, the coronavirus isn’t transmitted via the food supply. Instead, food and beverage processing facilities are facing a worker shortage caused by too many being too sick to report to their jobs. Innovapptive has seen several food and beverage plants completely shut down due to workers being infected with COVID-19. 

These closures and production problems impact revenues, which in turn harm shareholder values. They also cause supply chain disruptions to other processing plants and to grocery stores and food and beverage outlets. This results in shortages and panic buying, depleting inventory and stocks. It also leads to public relations problems and unhappy customers.

The industry is busy looking for ways to keep its plants clean, sterilized, open and productive. It also seeks solutions that better protect employees from infection while at work. Several challenges stand in the way of accomplishing these goals. This whitepaper will examine some of these challenges. It will also introduce a mobile-first, digital solution that will enable food and beverage plants to achieve greater safety, cut infection risks, boost productivity, improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

Key takeaways from this whitepaper:

  • The impact of COVID-19 on the food and beverage industry and top concerns of executives
  • Recommendations by global health regulatory bodies, including CDC and FDA, for occupational safety at food and beverage plants
  • Digital opportunities for food and beverage companies to emerge strong post the emergency
  • Introduction to a mobile-first connected workforce platform

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