Leveraging your SAP Supply Chain investment using Mobile

This whitepaper asserts why an integration of Inventory and Warehouse Management Solution with SAP matters a lot. However, warehousing requirements are not static, companies are expecting more. Gone are the days when the warehouse was used only for the material receipt, storage and loading. The range of activities that warehouses must support is becoming ever more complex. SAP can support all these activities, but the functionality may not come from the Warehouse System alone. There are still many opportunities to improve warehouse productivity and reduce costs.

Key takeaways from this whitepaper:

  • How to move into paperless warehousing with use of mobile scanners to automate transactions
  • How you can improve warehouse productivity and reduce costs with your SAP warehouse solution
  • How to achieve better visibility and leverage your current SAP investments and more
  • Ways to provide your users a consumer grade experience, which drives user adoption and process compliance

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