Minimizing Semiconductor Plant Downtime and Boosting Profit Margins through a Connected Worker Strategy

Market watchers are predicting a sales decline for electronic goods over the remainder of the year and possibly into 2021. This has lowered demand for semiconductors and put pressure on fabricators’ profit margins. Plant managers are now busy looking for ways to ease that pressure.

This whitepaper will discuss how improving maintenance productivity and equipment reliability can accomplish that goal by cutting plant downtime and keeping front-line workers safe from COVID-19 infection. The paper will introduce how best-in-class Connected Worker platforms and apps utilize the power of digital transformation to turn maintenance departments from slow, reactive processes to data-driven, corrective maintenance programs.

Key takeaways from this whitepaper:

  • Slower market, COVID-19 squeeze semiconductor manufacturers’ margins
  • Stumbling blocks in semiconductor plant maintenance
  • Improve plant maintenance using a Connected Worker platform

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