Learn How Mobilizing Maintenance activities improves Productivity, Wrench Time and Operational Efficiency

Connecting your workforce to daily plant maintenance activities can yield great benefits. This whitepaper provides insight into the reasons why companies are choosing a mobile solution for maintenance processes to improve wrench time and field workforce productivity.

A significant amount of time is spent by field and plant workers on maintenance activities, mostly for addressing equipment failure, breakage, and unexpected shutdowns. Your SAP system plays a decisive role in the asset lifecycle of mission-critical assets.

Key takeaways from this whitepaper:

  • How mobility eliminates paper work, improves accuracy, and streamlines work order processing.
  • The challenges evoked by conventional methods that can be dismissed by mobile solution and its usability features.
  • Which mobile functionalities are the most essential to improve plant maintenance?
  • How to achieve customization of your unique business requirements with zero coding.
  • Discover how Innovapptive’s mobile solution for SAP PM helps making your preventive maintenance program more strategic and achieving operational efficiency and higher ROI.

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