Operator Rounds: The First Step To A Proactive Asset Maintenance Program

Run-to-failure maintenance programs continue to enjoy a high ranking in nearly any list of preferred asset management processes. Many seasoned plant veterans perceive this approach as the most cost-and labor-effective. With changing mindset, managers, directors and executives are realizing how reactive maintenance programs end up costing more than they save. The net results are reduced asset lifespans, lost production and increased risks. Innovapptive, a digital transformation provider, offers a robust electronic solution that digitally transforms an inefficient run-to-failure program into a cost-saving and revenue-producing proactive asset management process.

Key takeaways of this white paper:

  • Pitfalls of a reactive maintenance approach
  • How more effective operator rounds can identify problems before they occur?
  • How digital transformation revolution offers a superior approach to conduct operational inspections?
  • Role of Innovapptive’s mWorkOrder solution in improving operator rounds for greater visibility into the current operational status of your refinery, plant or industrial facility

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