Reimagining Mine Maintenance with a Mobile EAM Solution

Reforming enterprise asset management in mining facilities through digital solutions has shown a significant impact on an organization’s safety culture creating a ripple effect on operational and financial results. Despite this, BCG reports that the metals and mining industry is about 30-40 percent less digitally mature than comparable industries. While more and more companies are witnessing positive results from digitization, most mining facilities are still stuck with clipboards and paper forms to execute asset management operations, creating data silos across the organization.

Now is the time when mining companies need to overcome the challenges and take decisive steps to invest in digital solutions, making sure they gain maximum ROI. This white paper looks at the challenges from an enterprise asset management (EAM) perspective to emphasize how mobile EAM solutions can drive mine efficiency and ensure regulatory compliance. The paper also explores Innovapptive’s work order management tool as an innovative and agile solution to help mining companies reach and exceed operational goals.

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