Part 1 : SAP Fixed Asset Best Practices White-paper for Fixed Asset Verification

Companies with extensive fixed assets often spend significant time and effort capturing,validating, reconciling, and reporting fixed assets and related depreciation data.

The key responsibility of the finance organization lies in identifying, recording, valuing, and safeguarding these assets, as well as filing results of physical inventory counts, and submitting required forms. It is difficult to find the time and tools to devote the attention to fixed assets that they deserve, especially when using a financial ERP like SAP, which lacks robust fixed asset management tools. And yet, assets like land, buildings, transportation, and manufacturing equipment represent the largest investments most companies make.

Key takeaways from this whitepaper:

  • What are some of the available SAP Functionality to Manage Asset Physical Inventory
  • How you can Automate Data Capture with the Right Barcode Scanning Hardware.
  • Top Reasons to Automate and Digitize the SAP Fixed Asset Inventory Process
  • Selecting the Right Asset Verification Software
  • Why Automate and Digitize the SAP Fixed Asset Inventory Process
  • How you can Reap the Benefits of Your SAP Fixed Asset Verification Solution

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