Supply Chain Trends and Technology for the 2020s

Supply Chain Trends and Technology for the 2020s

As we near the start of a new decade, it’s exciting to take stock of what’s ahead in the logistics domain and the technological trends that’s expected to shape the global supply chains.

It is to be reckoned that the supply chain is facing extraordinary challenges from globalization and intense customer service expectations that seem likely to rise unabated into the 2020s. However, the silver lining is we now have access to a wealth of technology solutions that can overcome these challenges and foster a value driven eco-system to generate superior outcomes.

Key takeaways from this whitepaper:

  • Structural global economic mega-trends which are impacting the Supply Chains
  • Current logistics infrastructure and resource constraints
  • How customer service demands are pressurizing the supply chains
  • Role of new and emerging technologies in impacting key supply chain processes

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