A Connected Workforce: The Future of Warehouse and Inventory Management

In this white paper, Innovapptive examines a brief history of warehousing and inventory management, it’s evolution from early years to building blocks, to warehouse automation to a connected workforce that drives conversations between suppliers, materials, inventory, warehouse staff and executives. In the waves of industrialization, we have seen steam engines replace horses and men. Then electricity replaced the engines. These took centuries for adoption and then, in the last 3 decades, software took over and automated the processes. Over the last decade, sensors enabled telemetry to connect devices. In all this, the human has been standing on the sidelines, watching and waiting.

We are now seeing a paradigm shift with Industry 5.0 where humans are now in the center of the value chain conversing — via touch, voice, alerts, etc. — with machines, materials, inventory, warehouses and suppliers that seamlessly engage through workflows based platforms to execute processes. already upon us and at Innovapptive we call this Connected Workforce. With Connected Workforce the technology is getting smarter and it has the capability to support humans across a much wider range of activities.

Key takeaways from this whitepaper:

  • A Brief History of Warehousing - Early Years , Now and Future
  • Using Appropriate Technology across the end to end Supply Chain
  • Role of Augmented Reality in SCM
  • Chat bots and artificial intelligence (AI) program to optimize supply chain performance

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