Things That Give Plant Managers Nightmares... and How an IBM Maximo-Compatible Mobile Solution Can Help

Low technician productivity and wrench time can cause maintenance backlogs to soar. Plant managers struggle to keep up with preventive maintenance tasks to ensure the plant runs safely and efficiently. When these backlogs are too high and preventive maintenance measures are skipped, parts and equipment break down, triggering unplanned shutdowns.

Plant managers have many worries to confront. They’re looking for solutions to overcome these potential problems so they can sleep better at night. This whitepaper paper delves deeper into five critical problems that become a plant manager’s nightmare and how mobility offers a solution.

Five big issues keeping plant managers awake:

  • Profit margin pressures and worker productivity
  • Talent challenges and tribal knowledge
  • Employees’ health and safety
  • Environmental, health and safety regulations
  • Getting high-value data for informed decision-making

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