Thirteen Reasons Why Building a Mobile Asset Management System is a Bad Idea

Should you invest the time, money and resources to build your own mobile enterprise asset management and risk assessment solution? Is it worth it to do it on your own or should you buy one from a third-party vendor? At first, building a do-it-yourself could sound appealing and achievable for a wide range of reasons. On the other hand, there are an array of third-party solutions available in the marketplace that have invested years in R&D that may also fit your needs. This white paper critically examines the build vs. buy dilemma from technical and business perspectives, limitations of building your own mobile enterprise asset management, inspection and checklist solution.

Key takeaways of this white paper:

  • Companies wanting to build their own systems face nine technological challenges.
  • They also must consider four business challenges before starting any such project, including asking yourself what’s your core competency?
  • There are numerous third-party mobile providers in the marketplace today with a wide variety of solutions to offer. There are key differentiators for each of them to consider.
  • If your company selects a third-party vendor, that vendor should have an application and platform that adapts to your business.
  • Innovapptive offers four major business benefits, making it an excellent partner of choice for companies deciding to employ a third-party mobile solution.

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