Transform Manufacturing Operations with a Connected Worker Platform

Transform Manufacturing Operations with a Connected Worker Platform

Many manufacturing plants use inefficient and outdated processes to conduct operations. These include paper-based work order forms, inspections, checklists, inventory tally sheets, and supply requisitions. Such processes result in many repetitive and counterproductive tasks that require more work and effort rather than less.

Adopting a digital solution, such as a connected worker platform, offers numerous operational and productivity benefits. This whitepaper will illustrate how such a solution connects people, machines, and data to increase productivity, optimize costs, and enhance safety. By offering real-time access to information and automating redundant tasks, such platforms improve operational and overall manufacturing productivity.

Key Takeaways:

  • Connected worker platforms solve the lack of operational visibility between maintenance and supply chain
  • They bridge information silos caused by incompatible mobile apps and SaaS systems
  • They make it easier to determine spare parts availability
  • They eliminate time wasted in the field waiting on spare parts

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