Why is enterprise mobility, still a “frontier country”?

Why is enterprise mobility, still a “frontier country”?

About white paper:

This whitepaper asserts that businesses have been slow in adopting mobile solutions compared with rapid developments in the consumer mobile market. It explains what factors have slowed adoption, how hurdles can be weakened and shows a roadmap for future enterprise mobile success.

This Whitepaper explains how businesses can move into and beyond “Frontier Country” by addressing the key issues.

Key takeaways from this whitepaper:

  • Overcoming the common hurdles to enterprise mobile deployment.
  • Developing a pragmatic mobile strategy in response to the far-reaching Digital Revolution.
  • Defining the future role of corporate IT - what should and shouldn’t be the focus.
  • Using modern, but tried and tested technologies to overcome the challenge of scalability .
  • Defining a Road-map for enterprise mobile success".
  • Focus on users and overcoming the blockers to scalability.
  • Innovapptive’s RACE tool provides the ability to quickly configure mobile applications to reflect differences in business processes between locations and changes in legislation.

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