Why Mines Need Innovapptive’s mInspections

Why Mines Need Innovapptive’s mInspections

Mining is one of the world’s oldest and most perilous industries. Frontline workers must deal with confined spaces, constant dust, and debris, dangerous equipment, electrical and chemical hazards. Mining companies are therefore constantly looking for ways to mitigate risks to workers and equipment while boosting regulatory compliance.

Mobile safety inspections using connected worker technology provide critical early warnings for mine maintenance and safety processes. Conducting inspections with handheld digital devices and wearables improves process visibility, data collection, compliance, and decision making.

This whitepaper will examine the safety and environmental problems mining companies confront every day. We’ll focus on the operational and safety inspection process, particularly on why it is proving inadequate for so many organizations. It will also introduce a digital solution these companies can use today to reduce potential dangers while boosting daily inspection efficiency and accuracy.

Mobile inspections help mining companies to:

  • Eliminate paper and clipboards
  • Log data in real-time
  • Display and enter operations data across the corporate network
  • Respond to alerts without having to return to the office or a PC

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