UNICEF Adopts Mobile Warehouse-in-a-Pocket mInventory

Leading Global Service Organization Transforms Inventory and Warehouse Operations
UNICEF provides child-emergency food and health care services and needed a more efficient, transparent, and less costly supply chain management system.

Realizing any improvement would impact the distribution of critical supplies, the organization needed a solution to reduce manual labor-intensive transactions and move beyond traditional paper-based recording.

Relying heavily on SAP ERP for managing its supply chain, warehouse, and inventory operations, the organization recognized the need for a mobile solution to help efficiently operate in remote locations.

UNICEF chose Innovapptive’s mInventory and warehouse solution primarily due to lower costs, a simple user interface, ease of navigation, and the ability to operate in remote locations with and without network availability.


With an ongoing organizational emphasis on improving efficiency and productivity, the mobile inventory and warehouse management platform checks all the relevant boxes.

It minimizes obsolescence, shrinkage, control point errors, increases productivity, maintains inventory accuracy, and eliminates paper-based transactions/ It is a major boost to the organization’s drive towards a more efficient, transparent, and less costly supply chain management system.

Unicef Customer Success Story
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Background and Business Drivers

UNICEF needed to improve its supply chain productivity and was interested in a mobile solution to:

  • operate in remote locations
  • process transactions in offline mode
  • access and update information with and without network availability
  • record transaction data in SAP
  • allow more informed decisions to improve operations

Mobile Inventory Management

By implementing Innovapptive’s mInventory mobile application, UNICEF achieved its goal of improving its inventory and warehouse management process in areas of efficiency, productivity, and costs.

Specific benefits achieved were: the ability to capture information while physical processing occurred in the warehouse, providing real-time visibility of stock, eliminating paper-based process to improve accuracy and efficiency, and simplification of many existing processes.

Business Impacts and Solution Benefits

  • 85% reduction in time spent on receiving and shipping
  • 100% elimination of paper-based processes
  • 50% reduction in warehouse operator overtime due to efficiencies gained
  • 20% reduction in manual and paper-based processing
  • 20% reduction in time for warehouse cycle counts
  • 37.5% increase in planning efficiencies per warehouse operator

Our Vision Is to Simplify Digital Technology Consumption & Adoption to Solve Meaningful Business Challenges

Mobile Inventory Management—mInventory from Innovapptive lets you perform day-to-day inventory transactions through handheld mobile devices and laptops by accessing the master data of the SAP inventory module, helping you manage the spectrum of transactions within the scope of your supply chain.

With mInventory, you can ensure real-time transaction processing, enhanced data accuracy, and improved mobility and convenience.

We promise value.

With mInventory, quickly track the total stock available in your warehouse or manufacturing plant. You can even keep track of the type of the stock—unrestricted (ready for shipment), quality inspection (subject to quality control before shipment), and blocked (damaged stock not fit for shipment). This allows you to prioritize what stock needs to be shipped to various destinations vis-à-vis demand forecasts and logistical considerations.

Instant Benefits

Gain valuable insights about the stock available within your plants, warehouses, or storage locations.

Reduce inaccurate inventory records, shipments, and customer complaints.

Ensure real-time shipping and receiving operations with instant updates to your SAP system, providing immediate access to accurate and timely inventory information.

Avoid production downtime and enhance your operational efficiency.


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