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Board of Directors

BVR Mohan Reddy

BVR Mohan Reddy, founder and executive chairperson of Cyient, has built the company into a global leader in delivering engineering, manufacturing, data analytics, and networks and operations services.

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Mark Bouzek

Mark Bouzek is an accomplished global leader and board member dedicated to continually improving for-profit and not-for-profit organizational performance. He possesses a wide range of strategic,

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Perry Turbes

Perry Turbes has nearly 20 years’ experience in the upstream, midstream and pipeline sectors of the oil and market. He is the former CEO and COO of Quorum Software, which offer cloud-based platforms

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Sashi Narahari

Sashi Narahari is the co-founder of HighRadius, which has developed an AI platform that allows businesses to automate key back-office functions such as trade receivables and treasury management.

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Sundeep Ravande
CEO & Co-Founder

Sundeep V. Ravande is the CEO of Innovapptive Inc. and believes in a better way of running plant-based operations. Most enterprises are experiencing shrinking profit margins in the current economy,

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Get to Know Our Leaders

Hari Kamineni
Chief Customer Officer & Co-Founder

Hari Kamineni has been at the fore-front of innovation and the core foundation of Innovapptive's product and innovation strategy. Hari brings extensive leadership and management experience to...

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Rohan Bairat
Executive SVP of Global Sales

Rohan Bairat is the Senior Vice President of Global Sales at Innovapptive and he works closely with our Global Sales, Marketing, Sales Development, Products, Professional Services and Customer...

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Sri Karthik
Senior Vice President - Business Development & Value Engineering

Sri Karthik is Innovapptive’s Senior Vice President, Business Development & Value Engineering. Sri brings strong relationship building skills cultivated by a successful career in software sales and...

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Chetan Jain
Vice President of Product Engineering

Chetan Jain is the vice president of Product Engineering at Innovapptive. He and his team are responsible for the development, quality, automation, documentation, and L2 product sustenance at the...

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David April
Senior Director, Product Management

David April leads Product Management at Innovapptive. David understands the changing needs of the market and drives the vision for all products. He and his team are responsible for creating the...

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Rajiv Kumar
Vice President - Professional Services

Rajiv Kumar is the global Vice President of Professional Services at Innovapptive. His team focuses on delivery of Innovapptive solutions that improve our customers’ operational efficiency, revenue...

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Abhishek Parkala
Vice President - Global Operations

Abhishek Parkala oversees the daily operations of the Global Delivery Center or GDC, the largest workforce office for Innovapptive. As an experienced and efficient leader, he is responsible for...

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Kalyan Vankayalapati
Managing Director, Australia & New Zealand

Kalyan manages dual roles as Managing Director for Australia & New Zealand (ANZ) and VP of Customer Success. As Managing Director of ANZ, Kalyan is responsible for developing and managing the...

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Ted Stiefel
Director of Finance

Ted Stiefel is a veteran in Accounting and Finance with over 15 years of experience. As the director of Finance at Innovapptive, Ted drives profitable, long-term growth through sustainable financial...

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Vivek Bhamare
Sr. Manager, Product Marketing and Growth Strategy

Vivek Bhamare oversees Innovapptive’s global market team. Vivek’s role is to create and grow a predictable and sustainable sales pipeline engine for each of the company’s mobile digital...

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Sundeep Yalamanchi
Director of Sales Operations

Sundeep Yalamanchi leads Innovaptive’s Sales Operation section. His role is to empower and educate the company’s sales team to best present Innovapptive’s mobile-first digital solutions to the...

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