Reducing Maintenance Spend & Optimizing MRO and Spares Management With A Mobile Workforce Solution For Mining

Millions of dollars and large amounts of time are tied up in managing and maintaining spare parts for day-to-day maintenance, repair, and operations. This becomes a big challenge in asset-intensive industries such as mining. Poorly managed MRO inventory may lead to unnecessarily high costs, low plant and worker productivity, and high inventory-holding costs. Monitoring capital and operating costs remain important risks from the standpoint of mining executives, echoing a sentiment to alleviate past errors. Without accurate accounting of inventory, unexpectedly running out of essential items can cause delays which can also impact revenues for companies. Outdated processes for spares management can be costly to asset-heavy companies in industries like mining. Implementing a mobility solution that tracks MRO/critical spares effectively using existing data in the ERP system, enables companies to perform both planned and unplanned maintenance which is is essential to achieve maximum up-time, reliability, and safety.

Key takeaways from this whitepaper:

  • Understanding MRO
  • Identifying and Managing Critical Spares
  • Dealing With Materials Complexity
  • Lower Inventory and MRO Costs Affecting Performance
  • Unearth Double-Digit Savings with Mobility Solutions

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