SAP Mobile Sales: Up-sell, Retain Existing Customers and Increase Sales Revenues by Over 15-25%

Strategizing how to optimize your sales force and up-sell?
Business organizations are constantly strategizing how, when, and where they can interact with their existing and new sales opportunities for their geographically dispersed sales teams. The competitive markets and changing buyer trends are initiating new business challenges to sustain and excel. The customer and sales force geographic dispersion is growing,traditional sales teams are […]

A Mobile Sales Solution Maximizes Your Sales Force Effectiveness by Unwiring your SAP CRM and ERP Systems

The digital and internet revolution took information technology to a completely different level, creating unimaginable sales strategies that are powerful and provide up to date information of customer accounts, customer invoices and sales orders – all accessible by remotely connecting laptops/desktops to corporate networks. Although this technology leap radically transformed the way we conducted business, the accessibility of these laptops […]