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SAP Work Manager Rapid Deployment Solutions

Mobilize your work force & field services with SAP Work Manager Rapid Deployment Solutions


Why SAP Work Manager for Industries

In a demanding world, improving productivity by improving performance of work force is important. Field workers work in varied work environments which many times are remotely located. Most of the Industrial assets are distributed across large areas and distant geographical locations . The field workers working individually, require accessibility to asset history information to take independent decision to complete, take assistance or transfer the work order to more relevant person on the site. A close coordination between the supervisors assigning the work and the back end staff gives a clarity of work flow to the field technicians making them perform better. Empowering the crew with mobile apps which makes information readily available where ever they are, reduces the timeline required to complete a particular work order. This is where the SAP Work Manager works to meet the demands of huge assets of various industries.

How does Work Manager help Asset – Intensive companies ?

SAP Work Manager helps the work force in the Asset-Intensive companies to install, repair and maintain their assets. The App helps field technicians, supervisors and back end clerks to work in close coordination to provide efficient field services. The app assists them by giving access to asset history and details with which they can create, start, hold, transfer and complete the work orders. Where Industrial machines are spread out in large areas and specifications, SAP Work Manager makes it easier for the field technicians to reach out to the place and provide services.

Why do the field workers feel the Work Manager app is exclusively for them?

Field workers who use the app feel its features answers their needs and a solution to most of the long standing problems at fleets, networks and large plants. It is important to ensure safety, each day before starting any machine, so that no mishap occurs. But due to delays of reviews and approvals, safety procedures prevail with lot of inconsistency causing disasters at industrial plants. Work Manger developed on the SAP Mobile Platform, is device independent and runs in remote environment, ensures implementation of speedy approvals by enabling real time communications through mobile. The field workers can make use of the Global Positioning System (GPS) and Global Information System (GIS) helping them to track their work schedule reducing a lot of difficulty of locating the work place. The app gives a visibility of the work area and the work status helping them to accelerate their decision making towards attending the next work order. Using the Work Manager the workers can perform inspections, detect problems and avoid them before they occur. The features helps the field workers, exclusively assisting them in their work places.

Rapid Deployment Services for a quick start of the SAP Work Manager

Asset-Intensive companies want to implement SAP’s Work Manager to assist their workforce facing challenges in maintaining assets. The industrial processes can not be stopped for too long and the traditional method of implementing software takes a longer time in analyzing and developing the required solution for a particular company. Innovapptive most importantly understands the situation and assists the organizations to start running the SAP Work Manager through Rapid Deployment services which starts giving results within a short period of time. The Rapid Deployment Solutions are pre-configured, pre-packaged solutions. The solutions reduce the implementation time by 40% when compared to traditional method. Through the method proven business process templates are used reducing much of the time and proven guides and documentation is provided to assist the users in training and eventually resulting in speedy and successful implementation and adoption of the SAP Work Manager.

Innovapptive Inc. is an SAP Certified partner specializing in several SAP Modules and SAP Mobility. by offering a wide range of SAP certified mobile apps to help Asset-Intensive companies in their mobility strategy. Enterprises can leverage rapid deployment of SAP’s Work Manager to ensure faster implementation and quicker results. Innovapptive’s team of SAP and Mobile professionals are experienced in custom mobile app development, consulting and staff augmentation. Rapidly mobilizing Asset-Intensive companies with radical and transformative SAP’s Work Manager helps enterprises to see benefits within a short time.

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