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The fastest way to mobilize your workforce with the leader in Mobility. Mobile solutions that drive business growth, innovation and profitability.

Innovapptive helps you innovate transform empower through radical mobile solutions

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Our Solutions for Instant Mobilization

Private Branded App Store

Give your employees a choice of apps through a familiar app store experience tailored to your business.

App Security Containerization

Confidently promote the use of corporate information in mobile solutions on BYOD or company owned devices, with secure data.

Mobile Development SDKs

Use our pre-built app templates for UI / UX elements, connectors and back-end services to accelerate development times.

Custom App Development

A comprehensive framework for delivering mobile solutions with enduring business value and predictable costs.

SAP Syclo Implementation

Accelerate the implementation of SAP Syclo Apps to improve time-to-value proposition of your deployment.

SAP Fiori Implementation

SAP Fiori implementation using a modular approach by starting with one app that addresses an immediate need.

Universal Mobile Approvals

A role based native mobile application that contains over 20 standard SAP Workflows and the ability to add custom workflows.

Mobile Fixed Asset Management

Improve the visibility and accuracy of your fixed assets information with real-time SAP integration.

Mobile Inventory Management

Integrated with your SAP ERP system, the Inventory Management Mobile App enables you to effectively manage your inventory.

Mobile Sales Execution

Empower your field sales reps with the necessary information, and tools to increase efficiency of field sales execution.

Free Trials

SAP fiori Carry out your own hands-on evaluation and understand key SAP Fiori functionality through this trial.
Innovapptive offers a completely customizable enterprise app store that you can fill with public or private mobile apps to make everyone more efficient and effective. Create your own app store in minutes, and that’s just the start.
Unwire your field sales force
Empower field sales store visits to ensure on-shelf availability, efficient channel inventory and effective promotions. With access to critical data in the SAP® CRM and SAP ERP applications, sales teams can perform key activities right in the store.
Extend your inventory management system into the field to increase availability and avoid downtime - With mPower™ mInventory mobile app, precise tracking and paperless management of inventory helps you increase productivity, lower costs, optimize your supply chain, and improve customer service.
mAssetTag is an easy to use and cost effective solution to manage the enterprise assets, including physical and IT assets, throughout their life cycle. The application’s easy integration with the SAP Fixed Asset and Plat Maintenance makes real-time data import/export and custom reporting quick and intuitive. The application has built in support for bar code readers, RFID readers, and GPS devices.

We're not the only ones excited happy about Instant Mobilization

Over 100,000 devices of Fortune 500 companies are mPowered using the mPower Product Portfolio.
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