• SAP Pinnacle
    Awards 2015
    SAP Announces Innovapptive as Winner
    of the SAP Pinnacle Awards 2015 for the
    Application Development Partner of the Year

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  • 77 New Mobile Apps
    Now Available On
    Innovapptive announces the availability
    of 77 New SAP Mobile Apps on
    SAP HANA Cloud Platform mobile services

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  • Customize and Extend
    Native Apps with
    mPower FLEX™
    A wide range of features to help you create
    rich, customized and personalized apps
    with ZERO Coding

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    SAP Fiori
    Innovapptive SAP Fiori Kickstart -
    Fast & easy deployment
    in 4 weeks

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    Anywhere, Anytime
    Approve, reject and handle any
    SAP Workflow from any smartphone,
    tablet or browser based device.

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