Innovapptive’s SAP Mobility Support Services to be showcased in Sapphire Now and ASUG Annual Conference

April 18th, 2013   |   Houston, TX

Innovapptive Inc’s SAP Mobility support services to address customer challenges of managing rapidly evolving mobile technologies and will showcased in Sapphire Now and ASUG Annual conference in Orlando, FL from May 14th – 17th. Innovapptive’s SAP Mobility support services include managing operating system upgrades, bug fixes, Bring your-own-device (BYOD) policies and 24/7 help desk support to reduce companies TCO while providing high-quality support and maintenance services.

Innovapptive Inc., a premier SAP Mobility solution provider, continued its quest to become a leader in SAP Mobility by providing support services to manage rapidly evolving mobile technologies, platforms and operating systems in a cost effective manner. The support services will offer a high-quality maintenance formula and allow enterprises to focus on their strategic initiatives, thereby decreasing the TCO of managing their enterprise mobility solutions.

Enterprises constantly struggle to keep abreast with rapidly evolving mobile technologies and incur a huge cost to keep up and maintain their enterprise mobility solutions. The cost benefits that these enterprises reap from mobility solutions could be potentially negated with the cost to manage the dynamic nature of mobile technologies. Innovapptive’s SAP mobility support and maintenance services have been designed to assist customers reap the full benefits of enterprise mobility by outsourcing management and support of their mobile applications and devices.

Driven by customer demand, market opportunity, and significant experience in SAP enterprise mobility, Innovapptive Inc.’s offering will support all sizes of SAP enterprise mobility deployments. Innovapptive’s maintenance and support services include –

  • Support for full range of mobility devices deployed in an organization, plus device configurations and applications.
  • Automated help desk and user self-service to help make the Level 1 Service Desk staff instant mobility management experts to speed issue resolution, improve first call closure rates and reduce mobile support costs.
  • Manage mobile device and OS upgrades to ensure all mobile applications meet the operating system requirements
  • Onboarding new employees and getting them up and running on your mobile platform.
  • SLA based pricing alternatives
  • Immediate response time (average of eight minutes to speak live with an engineer)
  • Deep understanding of the client environment
  • Interactive troubleshooting and issue resolution
  • 24x7x365, global support coverage

In addition to the above services Innovapptive offers an end user support services which allows enterprises to offload support for all of their mobility issues to Innovapptive’s mobility experts. Innovapptive handles issues related to the major mobility platforms, mobile devices and the line of business applications the enterprise workforce depends on to work productively.

“We understand the need for CIOs to find smarter ways to cut costs, and maintenance and support should be the place to start,” said Netaji Gummadi, COO of Innovapptive. “Until now, the options available for non-vendor support were nonexistent or so limited that it wasn’t an option for most companies. Rather than being held hostage by a vendor, we are providing SAP enterprise mobility customers with better service and ROI for significantly less cost – that is a pretty compelling choice.”

To find out more about Innovapptive’s enterprise mobility products and services, please visit Innovapptive’s website or schedule an appointment to meet Innovapptive mobility experts at Sapphire Now and ASUG annual conference (Booth #2621a) by calling 1-(713)-300-3762 or completing Innovapptive’s contact form on their website.

About Innovapptive

Innovapptive is an SAP platform and SAP services partner that provides an array of enterprise mobility products and services from SAP. Innovapptive’s products, the mPower App Suite, mPower App Store and the mPower Mobile Platform provides customers a comprehensive end-to-end enterprise mobility solution to instantly mobilize their enterprise. Innovapptive’s mission is to innovate, transform and empower customers by helping them gain a competitive advantage through best in class & disruptive enterprise mobile solutions, professional services and a cost effective and flexible global delivery model. The team at Innovapptive brings a unique and unparalleled combination of SAP, Mobile and industry experience to transform and empower our customers. Innovapptive’s customers are some of the world leading Global 2000 brands.

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