Gartner Lists Innovapptive in Its Latest Low- Complexity/Pop-Up Warehousing Report

Gartner Lists Innovapptive in Its Latest Low- Complexity/Pop-Up Warehousing Report

Research Builds on Firm’s Earlier Warehousing and Fulfillment Vendor Guide

HOUSTON – Innovapptive, a global leader in mobile warehouse management systems (WMS) and connected frontline worker applications, has received mention in a just-published report from noted market research firm Gartner. Gartner examined low-complexity (or “pop-up”) warehouses and gave Innovapptive as an example of a company that delivers Mobile Application Development Platforms and related WMS software for companies employing such flexible warehousing methods.

The new report - Choose the Right Software and Services for Low-Complexity and Pop-Up Operations - is an extension of Gartner’s earlier Warehousing and Fulfillment Vendor Guide.

“It’s an honor that Gartner continues to recognize Innovapptive’s ongoing innovation and WMS capabilities,” said Innovapptive CEO Sundeep Ravande. “Low-complexity and pop-up warehousing offers companies and organizations great flexibility and agility to quickly reach customers or those needing services or supplies, especially during times of high demand or emergency. So these groups are out looking for solutions to help rapidly set up and efficiently run these ‘here today/gone tomorrow’ operations. Thanks to Gartner’s recognition, they’ll learn about us and how we can assist them from an objective source.”

Gartner’s report noted the low-complexity warehouse market will continue to grow as companies are discovering it’s a valid way to get goods closer to customers for distribution. Rapidly deployed pop-up warehouses enable companies to better meet seasonal demand peaks – such as during holiday rushes like Christmas. Such quickly assembled warehouses empower organizations to respond faster to evolving needs and situations that a fixed site would have difficulty addressing. They can also help remove bottlenecks and capacity problems at larger facilities.

Click here to access Gartner’s Choose the Right Software and Services for Low-Complexity and Pop-Up Operations. You must be a Gartner subscriber to view and download the document. Registration is available on the webpage. 

Innovapptive’s SAP-certified mInventory solution digitally transforms warehouse operations, whether in massive fixed structures like distribution centers or low-complexity, pop-up sites. The application eliminates slow, error-prone paper systems and Excel spreadsheets.

Instead, users gain greater visibility into warehouse operations with high-value, real-time data collected and verified directly by workers on the floor equipped with native mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and wearables. Supervisors, managers, and executives have immediate access to this data via desktop dashboards, enabling them to make better, more informed warehouse management decisions based on facts.

About Innovapptive

Innovapptive is a digital transformation pioneer offering the only Connected Worker Platform that digitalizes the last mile of frontline workers into SAP and IBM Maximo technologies. Our solutions integrate GIS operational data and data from SAP and IBM Maximo solutions with work instructions, SOPs, and checklists, connecting the entire industrial workforce, machines, workflows, and executives to minimize plant outages and maximize margins. Innovapptive is transforming the experience of the industrial worker by engineering a platform that fuels innovation and collaboration to turn downtime into revenues, risks into safety, and inefficiencies into growth. Innovapptive is headquartered in Houston with offices in Australia and India. Learn more at