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Innovapptive Inc.’s SAP Certified Mobile Goods Receipt and Service Entry Sheet App Set featured on Yahoo News, Houston Chronicle, San Francisco Chronicle and Boston Globe

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April 9th, 2013   |   Houston, TX

Innovapptive Inc., released its latest SAP certified mobile app for Goods Receipts and Service Entry Sheets on the SAP and Google Play stores. The Mobile app is expected to revolutionize procurement receiving by significantly reducing enterprises’ blocked invoices and simplifying service procurement.

Innovapptive Inc., an SAP enterprise mobility solutions provider, released its second SAP Certified mobile app mConfirm on SAP and Google Play stores. The SAP certified mobile app is expected to significantly reduce blocked invoices by empowering employees to enter a goods receipt anywhere, anytime and on-demand, based on push notifications for blocked invoices. The mobile app promotes process discipline within employees to enter a goods receipt in a timely manner and thereby significantly reducing the number of blocked invoices. In addition to empowering employees to enter a goods receipt, the mobile app also provides the ability to enter service entry sheets for both planned and unplanned service procurement. View the launch video of the mConfirm app by clicking here.

“Innovapptive is dedicated to continuously innovating, transforming and empowering our customers through our suite of SAP certified mobile apps” said Hari P. Kamineni, CEO & Co-founder. “With our extensive experience and in-depth SAP Source to Pay and other SAP business processes knowledge, Innovapptive is uniquely positioned to identify industry pain points and derive several use cases that can dramatically transform an organization”. The release of this mobile app is a clear indication of the company’s vision and execution. Over the next few weeks Innovapptive is expected to release a pipeline of these transformative pre-packaged mobile apps for enterprises to rapidly embrace them in their organization to transform their business processes. “We want to productize SAP enterprise mobility for enterprises to be able to rapidly deploy these mobile apps on-premise or through Innovapptive’s enterprise mobility-as-a-service (EMaaS) cloud mobility solution to promote a “Plug and Play” and “Pay as you go” model for SAP Enterprise Mobility”, said Mr. Kamineni. This mobile app is a great example of how SAP Enterprise Mobility can significantly improve business efficiency by assimilating applications, information and employees anywhere, anytime.

“SAP certified mConfirm Mobile app is a clear indication of Innovapptive’s ability to create transformative products” said Sundeep V. Ravande, President & co-founder. “In addition to being able to enter goods receipt and service entry sheets based on a blocked invoice push notification, the mobile app goes beyond to provide warehouse personnel with QR/bar code scanning capability to record receipt and movement of inventory”. The mobile app also provides optical character recognition (OCR) capability to capture unplanned service lines through a delivery ticket to empower field personnel to enter a service entry sheet at the time of service completion. “Innovapptive’s SAP certified mConfirm mobile app is the first mobile optical character recognition (OCR) app on the SAP Store and is a clear indication of our organization’s quest to innovate like never before”, said Mr. Ravande.

mConfirm can be downloaded from both SAP and Google Play stores. This mobile app will also be available on apple and windows stores in the coming weeks. Innovapptive will continue to release several of these Innovative and transformative SAP certified mobile apps, which is in line with their vision to build a pre-packaged suite of SAP certified mobile applications that can be rapidly deployed on-premise or on the cloud. The full list of apps to be released in the coming weeks. To find out more information regarding these SAP certified mobile apps or an opportunity to sign up for a 30 day free trial to test drive our apps, please call 1-(713)-300-3762 or contact us through the contact form on our website.

About Innovapptive

Innovapptive is an SAP platform and SAP services partner that provides an array of enterprise mobility products and services from SAP. Innovapptive’s products, the mPower App Suite, mPower App Store and the mPower Mobile Platform provides customers a comprehensive end-to-end enterprise mobility solution to instantly mobilize their enterprise. Innovapptive’s mission is to innovate, transform and empower customers by helping them gain a competitive advantage through best in class & disruptive enterprise mobile solutions, professional services and a cost effective and flexible global delivery model. The team at Innovapptive brings a unique and unparalleled combination of SAP, Mobile and industry experience to transform and empower our customers. Innovapptive’s customers are some of the world leading Global 2000 brands.

SAP and all SAP logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries. All other product and service names mentioned are the trademarks of their respective companies.

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