Large Private Real Estate Company in the US adopts SAP Mobile Universal Approvals Solution to Transform their SAP Workflow Process

Houston, TX - June 24th, 2015

Innovapptive’s customer is a leading real estate company with operations throughout costal California. Innovapptive’s mWorklist - Mobile Universal Approval solution is aimed to bring about a rapid transformation in the way their approvals were carried out – to ensure an automated seamless approval mechanism to improve the customer's overall ROI.

Innovapptive Inc., today announced that one of the leading real estate companies in California has selected Innovapptive to implement a mobile universal approvals solution (mWorklist)  to help them ensure a seamless approval mechanism across their procurement operations. The customer aims to implement this solution across various departments of their organization to enhance their core operational efficiencies and improve their overall ROI.

With a number of ongoing projects in the core sectors including housing, job, retail and recreation, the customer had to keep pace with the mounting pressure from its vast clientele to serve them incessantly and amicably. Though the customer was maintaining an in-house SAP system managing the core business processes, the challenge however was to have a seamless connect and approval mechanism, whenever managers were on field or at the construction sites. Their current SAP system had failed to address this unique challenge and hence were looking for an instant mobile solution that could help their field personnel (particularly managers) to instantly have core information at their fingertips, letting them process a series of transactions involving timely approvals. With careful evaluation, the customer chose Innovapptive's SAP Certified - mWorklist solution that served as a right choice for them – both from functional and cost perspective.

“We are glad to note that one of the most respectable companies in the real-estate segment has chosen the mWorklist solution from a range of applications that were available in the market. This solution is expected to be deployed across all the core departments of the customer and would be successfully rolled out within 3 months", said Sundeep V. Ravande, President and co-founder at Innovapptive Inc. He further expressed confidence that this new business proposition is bound to fuel further opportunities in this sector, helping the company to significantly improve its market share and visibility of its proprietary SAP® certified solutions.

The SAP® certified mWorklist solution is aimed to improve the customer’s approval mechanism process, offering their managers with instant access to the core information at their fingertips. This way, their managers would be able to process a series of transactions involving approvals related to purchase orders, expense reports, time sheets, contracts, shopping carts and much more from the comfort of their mobiles, anywhere, anytime. Apart from that, this application also offers Inbox delegation, wherein a manager can delegate an entire Inbox to his/her peer managers, during this/her absence, without disrupting the normal approval pattern. However, the best part of this business proposition is the application’s flexibility to enable high level configuration, as per the customer’s requirements. Innovapptive’s Rapid Mobile App Configurator (RMAC) is an SAP® certified add-on that provides Innovapptive’s customers the ability to achieve infinite number of customizations through simple SAP configurations, without having the need to hire any additional mobile skill sets.

The customer is a diversified, privately held real-estate investment company and master-planner — highly respected for stewardship and master-planning of The Irvine Ranch® in Orange County, California. With operations throughout coastal California, Irvine Company plans and brings to life balanced and sustainable communities with a full range of housing, job and retail centers, schools, recreation and permanently preserved open spaces.


About Innovapptive

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