Houston, Texas – August 31, 2018

Innovapptive Inc., a leading provider of Mobile EAM and Supply Chain solutions, today announced the new release of RACE™ App Builder - RAB, August 31, 2018, to answer organizations’ needs with quick mobile application development, automation of development efforts, and empowering their “Citizen Developers”.

Innovapptive’s RACE™ App Builder (RAB) empowers enterprise business users with a high performing RMAD (Rapid Mobile Application Development) tool to build native mobile applications on iOS and Android. RACE™ offers high efficiency for developers and non-developers alike, by automating and abstracting app development efforts.

RACE™ App Builder (RAB) offers many unique capabilities including:

Drag-and-drop editor - Structure flow quickly with the drag-and-drop editor. RAB provides a platform with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop feature for a faster way to create, configure and customize industry-wide enterprise mobile app.

ZERO-Code platform (Coding is optional) - Offers a zero-code platform for the business user along with intuitive usability standards. With an easy and simple framework, RAB allows application development to be completed in the minimum time possible, as little as 10 minutes. This allows enterprises to be independent of rapidly changing mobile platforms.

Template-driven development - Users can create customized mobile applications using available unique floor plans and components which they can then configure as per respective industry standards. The user is able to edit and update libraries, properties and data entities accordingly.

Business process mapping - Identify which business processes you want to automate and quickly get buy-in and input from stakeholders before modeling the business process. In RAB users can set rules and conditions at different stages in the process, assign the right users for the right tasks, and quickly view the status of each item to identify bottlenecks. Users are also able to instantly make changes to create a fluid experience as well as track efficiency and keep business processes automated.

App configuration and forms construction - Using RAB, users can customize an application from scratch by using simple drag-and-drop functionality, while simultaneously defining properties of different components such as header, navigation bar, body, and footer. Users can also define navigational attributes to the components.
Code generation and configuration - Users can write their own logic for the app functionality and enhance the existing templates.

According to Gartner research, by 2020 at least 70 percent of large enterprises will have established successful citizen development policies. Ultimately, with RACE™ App Builder (RAB), Innovapptive creates “citizen developers” of your business users which helps ease skills gaps and budget constraints.

Organizations lean heavily on the involvement of IT resources for maintenance, as well as the development of applications, and support of individual business units. As business requirements are constantly changing, business units expect Corporate IT to restructure IT service requirements to improve time-to-market responsiveness, quickly. Firms are carrying out nonstop IT process re-engineering initiatives to decrease complexity and cost while providing a high quality of services, control, and availability.

Innovapptive’s RACE™ is a web application built on the SAP Cloud Platform and capable of integration with any ERP system including SAP or IBM Maximo. With this framework, business users are able to create customized mobile applications using the available unique floor plans and unique components and then configure it as needed, per their respective industry standards. A holistic approach is key for a successful business and IT relationship. With everyone sharing a common vision, Innovapptive’s RACE™, business leaders, and corporate IT work together dedicating time and ensuring successful digital transformations for business units, and the organization as a whole.

About Innovapptive

Innovapptive Inc is an American multinational software company headquartered in Houston, TX. Innovapptive is a provider of highly configurable cloud-based enterprise mobile solutions for enterprise asset management (EAM), field operations and supply chain. With over 150 employees across offices in USA, Germany, and India, we serve companies within the Oil & Gas, Life Sciences, Chemicals, and Manufacturing industries to name a few. Innovapptive was named a 2016 SAP Pinnacle Award Winner and has won this recognition three years in a row. Most recently, CIOReview also named Innovapptive as the “Top 20 most promising SAP Solution Providers”. Today, some of the world’s largest brands run Innovapptive technology and software.

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