Innovapptive Awarded U.S. Patent for Code-Free Mobile and Web Application Development Method

Innovapptive Awarded U.S. Patent for Code-Free Mobile and Web Application Development Method

HOUSTON, TX – Industrial enterprises looking to digitally transform their asset management, maintenance and inventory processes have a powerful code-free platform at their disposal. Innovapptive Inc., a Houston-based digital transformation provider, has been granted a U.S. patent for its method of modifying and reconfiguring mobile and desktop Web database apps. This method, or tool, promises to make life easier for industrial managers, supervisors and workers.

“Using our patented tool, a plant manager or supervisor can digitally create or change a mission-critical form, such as a safety inspection form, on the fly via a desktop or mobile app in less than 30 minutes,” said Sundeep Ravande, Innovapptive’s co-founder and CEO. Ravande and fellow Innovapptive co-founder Hari Kamineni invented the tool, which the company markets as RACE™ Dynamic Forms (RACE). RACE is a key part of Innovapptive’s Connected Workforce Platform™. 

Safety incident reports represent a practical application of RACE in action. There are many others.

“Perhaps a maintenance checklist is missing a key field. With RACE, a super user or citizen developer can quickly generate or revise any digital form and fully integrate it into an enterprise resource planning program, such as SAP,” Ravande said. “No programming or database development skills are needed; it’s that easy to use. Once completed, the form is available for immediate use enterprise wide. It can then be filled out and stored electronically by a supervisor or field worker using any mobile device, in online or offline mode, eliminating paper documents.”    

Oil & gas, utilities and mining companies, such as Dominion Gas and Newmont Mining, use RACE Dynamic Forms and other Innovapptive Connected Workforce Platform mobile solutions to collect and share important asset information in real time. This data helps them make informed decisions based on verifiable facts from the field rather than relying on personal intuition or experience.

Plant managers, supervisors and field workers save an average of 10 administrative hours each week using RACE. These time savings can be reallocated to other important projects, increasing efficiency and productivity. Digitally completing forms via desktop or mobile app also reduces data errors by up to 50 percent versus paper documents, improving asset management, inventory, maintenance and regulatory compliance. 

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