Digital Inspections & ChecklistsGo Mobile. Eliminate Paper.

The Connected Workforce Platform features RACE™ Dynamic Forms, which helps companies eliminate their paper trail and improve data collection. Digital forms save an average of 10 administrative hours each week and reduce errors commonly found on forms by 50%.

Go Paperless
with RACE™ Dynamic Forms

From plant inspectors checking equipment to store managers inspecting merchandise to field technicians inspecting assets, RACE™ Dynamic Forms can help your organization perform regular inspections digitally.

Create custom mobile checklists and deploy them to your team for fast & accurate compliance reporting. RACE™ Dynamic Forms ensures your procedures are being followed and you can track when and where the actions were completed. Quickly & easily collect data anywhere, anytime - build a customizable mobile form in minutes, and deploy it to your entire team for fast, easy field data collection that saves your work securely.

Build a Faster, Safer, and Smarter Business

RACE™ Dynamic Forms solution connects your workforce including field workers, supervisors and back office staff. Now your entire team can capture accurate information from any device, anytime, anywhere.

Key Business Advantages

  • Connect dispersed field teams with back-office systems to realign fragmented operations and streamline core business activities.
  • Replace manual, paper-dependent processes with automated solutions to error proof data entry and increase efficiency.
  • Gain total visibility into every mission-critical operation and take a proactive maintenance approach to avoid equipment failures and reduce unexpected downtime.
  • Analyze precise, real-time data to keep a pulse on demand versus capacity and identify opportunities to lower operating costs.

Build Mobile Forms in Minutes

Convert your paper forms to digital in just minutes, not hours or days. Quickly respond to business needs by integrating forms into a native mobile app for collecting data anywhere, anytime. The same forms can also run on other Innovapptive apps simultaneously.

Push Changes in Realtime

Our forms are truly Dynamic. Make changes and push them to the field in real-time. If you make changes to a form while it's in use, your changes are deployed immediately, no need to redistribute files or require your mobile users to run an update. It's Dynamic & Realtime.

Works Online or Offline

Your users have access to forms and data regardless of connectivity, enabling then to collect data in fully disconnected environments. Data is stored on the device and is synced back automatically when connected.

Ready to Eliminate Paper andGO DIGITAL?

Many Fortune 500 companies use RACE™ Dynamic Forms for data collection, inspections, checklists, and electronic business forms.