Mobile Solutions for Oil and Gas

Accelerating Decisions, Processes and Change for Oil and Gas

Enterprise mobility is more than just mobile data and analytics on an executive’s iPad. It is more than accessing and collecting data anytime and anywhere. It is about the means in which critical business processes are transformed along the entire value chain – upstream, midstream, and downstream.

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Accelerate ROI through Mobility for the Oil and Gas Industry

Global energy market forces are dictating that Oil & Gas customers increasingly look to grow newer streams of revenues, optimize their operational cost and find better ways to become environmentally conscious. This requires deeper investments in technology for enabling real time visibility into discovery, extraction & delivery operations which in turn ensures compliance and improve overall productivity.

Oil and gas companies are leveraging mobile technologies to accelerate business, tear down traditional silos of communication, gain real-time visibility across their operations, and close the loop in the field with timely, accurate data. Industry leaders are deploying mobile apps to transform their businesses upstream, midstream, and downstream.

Unique Challenges for Oil and Gas Companies

The business of finding, extracting, transporting, and refining hydrocarbons is dynamic, complex, and subject to many disruptive forces. In fact, the oil and gas industry faces challenges not found in other industries.

  • Demand that exceeds capacity
  • Severe and impactful of failures and delays
  • Highly distributed and remote workforce, infrastructure, and data
  • Massive volume of complex and ever-changing mission-critical data
  • Complex partnerships

80% of oil and gas executives say mobile technologies
are particularly helpful to achieving high productivity and capacity

Source: “Digital Dividends from Oil Patch to Gas Pump,” The Economist Intelligence Business Unit, January 2014.

Our Solutions for Oil and Gas

SAP Mobile Work Orders - mWorkOrder

Reduce equipment downtime and lower operating costs

Innovapptive’s SAP® certified mWorkOrder mobile solution delivers a prepackaged add-on for your central dispatchers to pro-actively schedule and assign work orders to field technicians. Field technicians can receive new work orders, push notifications and priorities in real time to avoid any potential equipment failure, unexpected downtime, safety and environmental risks and unmet production quotas – all of which negatively impact revenue.

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Mobile Inventory Management - mInventory

Increase productivity, lower costs & optimize your supply chain

Extend your inventory management system into the field to increase availability and avoid downtime! With mPower™ mInventory mobile app, precise tracking and paperless management of inventory helps you increase productivity, lower costs, optimize your supply chain and improve customer service.

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Mobile Quality Notifications - mQuality

Stay ahead of competition with real-time Quality Control and Assurance!

Improve safety and mitigate risks by reducing the time to action. The mQuality mobile app from Innovapptive transforms your quality control and assurance process by being able to capture an SAP quality notification, along with images and GPS information - anywhere, anytime.

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Mobile Purchase Requisitions - mShop

Streamline self-service procurement & eliminate non-compliance - anywhere, anytime!

The mShop mobile app is an SAP certified mobile solution that empowers your field workforce to raise and manage their purchase requisitions anywhere, anytime. Minimize process costs and purchasing prices through promoting self-service procurement!

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Goods Receipt & Service Entry Sheets - mConfirm

Real time updates of inbound goods and materials!

The mConfirm mobile app ensures easy processing of inbound goods and received services to provide enterprises and inventory managers with real-time visibility into inventory levels and eliminates human errors.

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Purchase Order and Requisition Release - mRelease

Streamline and accelerate your procurement process with mRelease

The PO or PR release strategy plays an important role in controlling budgets to avoid unnecessary expenditure and provide optimization of stock levels. The multi-level PO and PR release strategy provides a foolproof control mechanism to achieve this.

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Simplifying Business and Driving Innovation Where It Matters Most

Examples of high-value processes that can derive the greatest measurable benefit from mobile solutions include:


  • Improve safety and mitigate risks by reducing the time to action.
  • Enable up-to-date asset information on site.
  • Reduce equipment downtime through timely reporting of malfunctions.
  • Reduce operational costs by avoiding paperwork and unnecessary travel activities.

Supply Chain

  • Have accurate and timely inventory insights, helping to optimize the inventory and order fulfillment.
  • Lower transportation costs by remote and real-time access to supply chain, scheduling systems, and dispatch plans.
  • Reduced operational costs and improved customer satisfaction due to new mobile functionalities for truck drivers.

Sales, Finance and HR

  • Close deals faster with up-to-date customer, availability, and order information.
  • Improve business process efficiency, such as approvals, leave requests, time recording, and instant access to HR data.
  • Supply business facts and figures to sales representatives, anywhere and anytime.

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