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What is a Connected Worker?

image-6-Operator-Round-ExecutionFront-line workers’ daily activities and workflows tend to be time- and task-centric, requiring different solutions than traditional office workers. Connected workers are capable of using various digital tools and data management techniques to improve and integrate their interactions with both physical and virtual surroundings. They are able to make faster, better & safer decisions that enable and optimize a process or set of processes that they participate in.

Industry 5.0 & Connected Worker

In the waves of industrialization, we have seen steam engines replace horses and men. Then electricity replaced the engines. These took centuries for adoption. And then, in the last 3 decades, software took over and automated the processes. Over the last decade, sensors enabled telemetry to connect devices, products, customers with Industry 4.0. While Industry 4.0 promises a raft of automation, in most enterprises, operations are a set of tedious linear steps—slow, inaccurate and highly inefficient. In all this, front-line workers has been standing on the sidelines for the last 20 years, watching and waiting. 

We intend to change this! 

"We believe in a better way! The paradigm shift with Industry 5.0 is where the front-line worker is now in the center of things—machines, methods and workflows, and we are able to connect with him in a seamless manner."

Why a Connected Worker? Why Now?

Shrinking Profit Margins

decreasing profits

The growing pressure on profit margins and talent challenges is felt across all asset intensive industries such as CPG, Life Sciences, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Mining & Metals, Chemicals, and Industrial Manufacturing. This pressure doesn’t just stem from the rising cost of people; these industries are facing increasing demand from customers to deliver higher value for a lower cost. Front-line workers are being asked to perform increasingly complex jobs using technology that has remained relatively unchanged for 20 years.


Tribal Knowledge & Talent Challenges

Talent ChallengesThere are over 350 million front-line workers across the globe. The average age of these front-line workers rose from 40.5 to 44.1 from 2000 to 2018 (Source: Manufacturing Institute, 2018). The aging workforce coupled with a tight labor market has resulted in critical skills and talent gaps impacting the ability of companies to recruit, train and retain a workforce with suitable competencies.

Why Innovapptive?
How are we Different?

Connected Worker Home PageThe only connected worker platform that digitizes the last mile of your front-line workers into SAP and IBM. These system of records are your "bible" to run your business operations. Most connected worker platforms in the market are siloed today. They either offer a solution for guided work instructions, barely integrate with these ERP's or a static mobile app to connect to your SAP. Innovapptive bridges these gaps by recognizing the need to unlock both SAP and IBM Maximo operational data with 150+ prepackaged and reconfigurable work instructions, checklists, and compliance forms that run on mobile devices, smart watches - connected or disconnected. Enable remote guided assistance on LIVE videos for experts to guide your front-line workers hands-free with smart glasses.

How It Works? 

RACE - Conversational Operations

Our Connected Worker Platform is Powered by a Powerful Patent

We believe that best in class application software fits into your business, and not the other way around, where the business needs to fit within the application software. 

This fundamental philosophy is the driving force behind our patented platform and technology - "The Rapid Application Configuration Engine (RACE)". The patent number US10448227B2 was awarded by USPTO in October 2019. The patent allows for "Code-Free" configuration and personalization of our connected worker application suite. This means, less reliance on Innovapptive and more empowerment & creativity to you. You can read more about this patent by clicking here. 

Industry 5.0 and Digital Transformation is all about personalization and digitalization. Innovapptive's connected worker platform is powered by RACE and it empowers your super users to deliver unique connected worker experiences. Depending on your front-line workers proficiency levels - personalize their guided work instructions,  ERP Transactions and their connected worker experiences by persona. 

Want to Try Connected Worker Platform for Your Enterprise?

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What our customers say


Innovapptive's Connected Worker Platform has completely transformed our business process,  the way we operate, how we collect and use data, and how we make decisions. We're more efficient, more collaborative in the way we work, quicker to respond to problems.


Our employees love the Connected Worker Platform. It's so easy to use. Very intuitive. They can now get more done in less time. Compared to the way we used to do things, this is like a high-performance race car versus a covered wagon. 


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What does the Connected Worker Platform do?

  • The Connected Worker Platform provides a real-time, end-to-end integrated solution, enabling enterprises to achieve maximum visibility, control, and performance of field resources. Our suite of tools include mobile-first solutions, with mobile applications and desktop views, which are easy-to-use with little to no coding experience required. All of our mobile solutions are SAP-certified, and work in both online and offline modes.

How does the Connected Worker Platform work?

Using mobile handheld devices such as smartphones or tablets, field workers can access, record and update SAP or IBM Maximo systems from the field or can collaborate with back-office staff in real time via video call, chatbots or smart forms, allowing increased efficiencies in communications and workflows. 

What applications are part of the Connected Worker Platform?

  • Connected Maintenance Execution : This mobile solution empowers maintenance crews to work safely, productively and independently whether installing new equipment or maintaining, inspecting and repairing existing assets.
  • Connected Inventory Management : This mobile solution for inventory and warehouse management automates warehouse business processes that are associated with managing stock. The solution eliminates the need for manual paperwork entirely, eliminating cycle count sheets, pick tickets and scratch pads.
  • Connected Fixed Assets: This mobile solution helps you walk through every step of the fixed asset physical inventory process. Eliminate lost or stolen assets, reduce insurance and tax overpayments. The solution integrates seamlessly with your fixed asset system, so your information is in a single database ensuring your asset data is in sync.
  • Connected Work Instructions: Collect data anywhere, anytime with RACE  Dynamic Forms. Replace error-prone paper processes with mobile-enabled digital forms which have your data and business process logic built in.
  • Dashboards and insights: (analytics)
  • Back-office functionalities: (desktop apps, enhanced planning/scheduling, work tracking, field updates, low-code/no-code configuration - RACE platform)

What kind of company makes a good customer for the Connected Worker Platform?

Companies in asset-intensive industries that currently use SAP as their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. (Capabilities for additional ERPs now in development.)

What business benefits will I get from using the Connected Worker Platform?

  • First-time data capture accuracy
  • Real-time visibility
  • Reduce training and change management costs
  • Real-time data push to qualified technicians
  • Improved safety
  • Accurate financial statements
  • Regulatory compliance and reduced fines and shrinkage (theft)
  • Maximize asset life
  • Reduce audit violations and fines
  • Increase planning efficiency
  • Built in collaboration tools
  • Offline capable
  • Work hands-free
  • Better data integrity and quality (automation, AI, ML, IoT)
  • Capture non-system of record data (behaviors, working patterns, rework)
  • Predictive maintenance framework
  • Rule-based data distribution

What results can I see using the Connected Worker Platform?

  • Improve workforce capacity by 10-20%
  • 17% higher wrench time
  • 20% lower order backlog
  • Reduce safety incidents to zero
  • 99% user adoption and satisfaction
  • Increase first time fix rates by 15-20%
  • 50% faster inventory turns
  • 50% higher spare part turns
  • Increase DSO by 10-15%
  • Minimize overtime costs by 40-60%
  • 20% lower rework on unplanned downtime
  • Eliminate admin time by 90%

Based on clients’ best experiences.

What else do I need to use the Connected Worker Platform?

  • The mobile solutions within the Connected Worker Platform utilize the native capabilities of existing mobile devices, so it is not necessary to purchase anything else to use the solution.
  • Additionally, some products support other peripherals such as ruggedized scanning peripherals, wireless mobile and desktop printers and wearables.