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Empowering Your Front-Line Workers to Better Manage Your Top Line & Bottom Line

The paper-based workflow is a highly inefficient process, costing asset-intensive companies millions of dollars in unplanned downtime, safety incidents & non-compliance with regulatory requirements.

Equipment failures & unplanned downtime can have a devastating impact on safety, productivity & profitability. Unfortunately, many plants still find themselves stuck in the break-fix cycle and use their resources to react to issues instead of preventing them.  

Innovapptive connects & empowers the front-line worker to streamline the flow of data. The tool conditionally monitors your equipment & assets, & shares performance data with maintenance managers. As real-time data streams through the application, maintenance engineers can better maintain equipment and quickly identify issues or potential failures.

By equipping maintenance management teams with mobile Connected operator rounds technology, executives can use real-time performance data to better understand the value of their asset investments, energy utilization, cost savings opportunities & other trends that impact operational costs & profitability.

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Key Features

Achieve reliable, safe & profitable operations by accelerating & sustaining mainstream process improvements & improving regulatory compliance.

Greater Process Reliability and Asset Effectiveness
Greater Process Reliability & Asset Effectiveness

Equipment condition data can be collected by field operators during regular operating rounds, enabling monitoring of stranded assets.

Respond Faster & Improve Your Competitiveness
Respond Faster & Improve Your Competitiveness

A legacy plant system can now incorporate mobile task execution & field data collection, delivering higher value & better data quality.

Enforce Standard Operating Procedures
Enforce Standard Operating Procedures

Maintenance tasks are delivered to mobile workers & each step can be tracked to ensure compliance & accountability.

View, Define & Customize Rounds
View, Define & Customize Rounds

Operators & supervisors are empowered to define & customize rounds based on role-based access.

PDF & Image Markup
PDF & Image Markup

The product has in-built markup tools to assist with PDF & Image markups on the go.

Real-time Asset Performance Data
Real-Time Asset Performance Data

Access, record & update SAP or IBM Maximo system via mobile from the field.

Highly Configurable Application
Highly Configurable Application

No-code configuration allows end users to quickly reconfigure the UI & create custom screens for their team who can make best use of the app.

Role Based Interfaces
Role-Based Interfaces

Different interfaces & access rights for supervisors & operators with configuration access to authorized users for flexibility.


What does Connected Operator Rounds do?

  • Connected Operator Rounds is a highly-configurable mobile solution that streamlines the plant operator rounds process.
  • Configure workflows, collect data in the field, and do task management.

How does Connected Operator Rounds work?

  • Using mobile handheld devices, such as smartphones, users in the field can collect data and check off tasks. Users can also take pictures and mark up images to note problems. The solution works seamlessly in both online and offline modes, ensuring that data can be collected and procedures will be adhered to, even when workers are in remote locations.
  • Via a desktop interface, admins can set alerts for when various assets will require repairs, based on the specific conditions they set, such as when actual values deviate too much from predicted values. Admins can generate analysis and reports, which can be shared throughout the management team.

What kind of company makes a good customer for Connected Operator Rounds?

  • Companies in asset-intensive industries that currently use SAP® as their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. (Capabilities for additional ERPs now in development.)

What problems does Connected Operator Rounds solve?

  • Breakdowns and unplanned downtime
  • Inefficient manual document entry
  • Lack of visibility/insight into operator rounds process 
  • Low/no-value data on fixed assets
  • Reactive maintenance

What results can I see using Connected Operator Rounds?

  • Increased operator efficiency
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Fewer breakdowns
  • Decrease in shutdowns and downtime

What's the OSIsoft + Innovapptive partnership?

  • Innovapptive's mobile EAM portfolio mWorkOrder provides valuable insight when combined with data from OSIsoft PI and SAP’s Plant Maintenance module.
  • Innovapptive is working on the next generation of solutions for making the enterprise truly digital with a variety of solutions that include data analysis and data science.
  • Current functionality includes: Visualize PI data in mWorkOrder/Mobile Access, and manual logging into PI system with mWorkOrder

Which solution environments are supported by Connected Operator Rounds?

  • SAP-Certified Mobile App
  • SAP ECC 6.0, EHP any version
  • On Premise - SAP Mobile Platform (SMP) 3.0
  • Cloud - SAP Cloud Platform
  • SAP NetWeaver Gateway  7.4
  • iPad, iPhones running iOS 11 and above
  • Android smartphones and tablets for most recent OS versions
  • Desktop support on SAPUI5 and on SAP Fiori Launchpad

Be Proactive About Your Mission-Critical Equipment

Innovapptive’s Mobile Operator Rounds solution delivers clarity & simplicity to your asset management and maintenance processes. Request a demo today!


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Operator Rounds: The First Step To A Proactive Asset Maintenance Program
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