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An End-to-End Fixed Asset Tracking Solution to Better Control, Audit & Reconcile Your Fixed Assets

Whether you’re in the mining, utilities, chemicals, manufacturing or the oil & gas industry, end-to-end fixed asset tracking is the foundation required to avoid overpayment of taxes and insurance premiums. Accuracy of fixed assets on financial statements is getting more and more scrutiny from financial auditors in the post-SOX era. Implementing an end-to-end Connected Fixed Assets(also known as mAssetTAg) solution to track the location, quality, condition, and depreciation of fixed assets is an imperative for enterprises and CFOs.


Key Features

Scan, Tag & Add Assets
Scan, Tag & Add Assets

Scan Barcodes or QR codes & Tag assets using the camera or barcode readers, take pictures & attach to the verification form, track latest location.

Digital Inventory Counting
Digital Inventory Counting

Users can the attach pictures of the assets, give status to the to the verified assets, add new assets in Real Time accurately.

Receive Assets from anywhere
Receive Assets from Anywhere

Users can receive assets through their mobile application along with the asset's Purchase Order, Outbound Delivery & Stock Transfer Order.

Asset Cockpit
Asset Cockpit

Complete control over assets added by field-users, review & approve or reject asset submission requests in real-time.

Asset Scheduler
Asset Scheduler

Scheduler allows an Admin to set target/expiry dates to batches created & also assign assets to existing batches.

Asset Reconciliation
Asset Reconciliation

Admins review, approve, reject & recount update requests made by field users, boosting audit accuracy & productivity.

Asset KPI Reports
Asset KPI Reports

Analytical view with pie charts and bar charts showing assets verified during the year with counts for Admins.

Real-time Asset Status
Real-Time Asset Status

Performance status of assets can be downloaded to Excel sheets, users can retire assets, reassign the completed or in-process assets to new users.

Highly Configurable Screens
Highly Configurable Screens

No-code configuration allows end users to quickly reconfigure the UI and create custom screens for members of their team who can make best use of the app.

Cross Platform Support
Cross Platform Support

RACE-configurable Native Mobile and Desktop app supports iOS devices and the UI5 platform.

Wireless Label Printing
Wireless Label Printing

Avoiding mislabeling while quickly processing shipments. Supports several wireless printers, such as Honeywell RP4, Zebra ZQ520, etc.

Barcode Scanning
Barcode Scanning

The Barcode and QR Code scan solution supports ruggedized scanning peripherals, including COGNEX, Honeywell and Linea Pro, etc.


What does Connected Fixed Assets do?

  • Connected Fixed Assets is a mobile fixed asset tracking solution that automates and streamlines physical inventory and reconciliation. 
  • Add and tag assets,
  • Monitor and track asset location/condition in real time
  • Schedule and conduct multiple inventories and reconciliations across various sites, and more.

How does Connected Fixed Assets work?

  • Scan and tag assets using mobile hand-held devices, such as smartphones, barcode scanners, wearables, cameras, etc. Works in both online and offline modes.
  • Connected Fixed Assets is easy-to-use, highly configurable and SAP-certified.

What kind of company makes a good customer for Connected Fixed Assets?

  • Companies in asset-intensive industries that currently use SAP® as their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. (Capabilities for additional ERPs now in development.)

Who can use Connected Fixed Assets?

Connected Fixed Assets is for anyone involved in asset management, including:

  • C-suite executives: Monitor and track asset location/condition in real time to identify cost-savings opportunities. Also, the solution makes data capture more accurate, which delivers up to 99% accuracy in fixed asset financial statements.
  • Senior managers and directors:Tie remote locations together to gain greater visibility into operations. Make quicker, more informed decisions and better utilize labor and resources.
  • Managers: Benefit from improved communication and collaboration between management and the field. Experience easier employee onboarding, as well as better morale and engagement among employees.
  • IT professionals: Easy configurability and scalability. Unlimited customizations. Integrates directly with legacy systems with no intermediate platforms required.
  • Field operators and technicians: Add and tag assets with user-friendly mobile devices. The mobile app works online or offline and reduces manual data entry.
  • Asset Inspectors and Administrators

What problems does Connected Fixed Assets solve?

  • Low/no-value data (leading to an inefficient/poor decision-making process)
  • Inability to monitor and track asset condition in real time
  • Inaccurate inventory and tracking of fixed assets
  • Identifying ghost/zombie assets
  • Inefficient and error-prone paper documentation
  • Hard-to-use technology workers don’t want to utilize

What results can I see using Connected Fixed Assets?

  • Up to 100% of fixed assets reconciled to meet audit and regulatory requirements 
  • Up to 99% accuracy of fixed asset financial statements 
  • Up to 40% improvement in employee productivity
  • Up to a 20% reduction in overpayment of federal, state and property taxes 
  • Up to a 17% reduction in insurance premiums

Based on clients’ best experiences.

What else do I need to use Connected Fixed Assets?

  • Connected Fixed Assets utilizes the native capabilities of existing mobile devices, so it's not necessary to purchase anything else to use the solution.
  • Connected Fixed Assets can be used with other peripherals, such as scanners, mobile printers, etc.

What Our Customers Say


Thanks to Connected Fixed Assets, our financial reporting is more accurate, reflecting what we actually possess. We now have a much better handle on our assets across the enterprise, especially ghost assets that were costing us way too much in needless insurance premiums and taxes.


Before Connected Fixed Assets, we had little understanding and visibility into just what assets we really owned. Our audits and regulatory compliance suffered, greatly affecting our bottom line and financial reporting. Now our asset ledgers are accurate, our financial reporting is truthful, our audits pristine and compliance is a breeze.

Ready to Automate Fixed Asset Counts?

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Asset tracking in real-time could save you millions
Asset tracking in real-time could save you millions
Get rid of ghost assets to improve asset health and financial compliance
Get rid of ghost assets to improve asset health and financial compliance
Fixed Asset Tracking 101
Fixed Asset Tracking 101