OUTPACE INDUSTRY DEMANDS with Configurable Mobile Technology

Executive teams in the chemical industry face a complicated, ever-changing formula for success. Enhance agility and make calculated decisions with the world’s most configurable Connected Worker Platform™. Finally—an enterprise mobile platform with the freedom and flexibility to grow with you.

The Catalyst Behind Your Future

Chemicals is a fast-paced industry with volatile swings in commodity prices, regulation changes, and mounting demand for specialty products. Without high levels of visibility and control, impactful business activities fail to align with real-time operations and industry trends.

Innovapptive’s Connected Worker Platform integrates tightly with your ERP to create closed-loop data sharing between operations and business activities. By equipping your worker with our mobile worker platform, leadership teams can analyze real-time actionable data to drive strategic executive decisions. Digital transformation can be a risky endeavor, especially for the chemical industry. Our platform is specially engineered to deliver a remarkably intuitive user experience without compromising functionality.

“Very impressed with the speed of delivery in eight weeks”

IT MANAGER - Chemical Company
INDUSTRY: Chemicals

Key Business Advantages

  • Connect floor activities with back-office systems to realign siloed operations and generate actionable data.
  • Bring clarity and control to your supply chain and enterprise asset management strategies to maximize investments and seize cost-saving opportunities.
  • Optimize your entire supply chain and develop the visibility and control to respond to rapid price changes or varying product demands.
  • Provide asset maintenance management with the tools they need to monitor machines and equipment, prevent failures, reduce downtime, and maximize asset investments.

Meet Our Agile, Mobile Platform

mWorkOrder for Mobile Work Order Management

  • Ensure a safe, compliant work environment.
  • Respond instantly to work orders.
  • Resolve orders quickly to decrease backlogs.
  • Identify opportunities to cut labor costs.

mInventory for Mobile Inventory, Warehouse, and MRO Spares Management

  • Eliminate paper and automate manual processes.
  • Track and manage expansive chemical inventories with real-time accuracy.
  • Use real-time inventory data for procurement and reconciliation.
  • Discover cost-saving opportunities.

mAssetTag for Fixed Asset Tracking

  • Simplify fixed asset tracking and data entry.
  • Reduce instances of lost or stolen assets.
  • Identify retired assets to reduce insurance premiums.
  • Improve employee productivity during audit cycles.

READY TO TRANSFORM Your Chemical Company Into a Mobile, Agile Operation?

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