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Reimagine Safer and Efficient Maintenance Operations
with Mobile SAP EAM and SAP PM

mWorkOrder for SAP PM has been designed to digitize and automate paper based maintenance processes. Starting from mobile work order creation, mobile notifications, mobile work instructions to digital documentation for work order completion, mWorkOrder provides an end to end mobile plant maintenance process flow.


Ready to Get Rid of Inefficiencies & Maintenance Backlogs?

Innovapptive’s Mobile Work Order Management Suite is the key to improving capital asset management and gaining necessary insights to grow your business. Request a demo to learn more!

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Delivering a Faster Time to Value

Learn How Mobilizing Maintenance activities improves Productivity, Wrench time, and Operational Efficiency
Learn How Mobilizing Maintenance activities improves Productivity, Wrench time, and Operational Efficiency
Learn How Mobilizing Maintenance activities improves Productivity, Wrench time, and Operational Efficiency

Improved Maintenance Execution KPIs

Increase Wrench Time

Increase Wrench Time


Gain productivity by eliminating paperwork

Reduce Safety Incidents

Reduce Safety Incidents


Standardize work and prevent accidents

Reduce Work Backlog

Reduce Work Backlog


Simplify work planning and execution

Increase Asset Uptime

Increase Asset Uptime


Eliminate Preventable Failures

What Our Customers Say


Mobile work orders have streamlined our process, reducing time to get paperwork from the field from many days to within minutes. It’s amazing, a great team, great teamwork and a great process improvement using the Innovapptive Connected Maintenance Execution solution. A win for our customers.


Post-Innovapptive, we have dramatically reduced our maintenance backlogs and improved our worker capacity by 12%. This is a direct savings of $10M/year we are experiencing after implementing Innovapptive.


Innovapptive’s Connected Maintenance Execution solution has played a significant role in transforming how we approach maintenance, productivity, data analysis and decision making. We have the solution currently deployed to various locations across Europe and have plans to continue to significantly expand its use. We have experienced a substantial reduction in maintenance backlogs, seen a huge spike in overall productivity and continue to realize operational cost savings due to the visibility and access the solution continues to provide. - Business Manager


Learn How Mobilizing Maintenance activities improves Productivity, Wrench time, and Operational Efficiency
White Paper
Learn How Mobilizing Maintenance activities improves Productivity, Wrench time, and Operational Efficiency
Four Key Benefits Of Mobilizing Your Maintenance Activities
Four Key Benefits Of Mobilizing Your Maintenance Activities
Why Maintenance, Operations and IT Will Love the New mWorkOrder
Why Maintenance, Operations and IT Will Love the New mWorkOrder
mWorkOrder – Mobile Work Order Management
Product Sheet
mWorkOrder – Mobile Work Order Management


What does Mobile Plant Maintenance do?

  • Mobile Plant Maintenance is a mobile work order management solution that connects  floor- or field-based technicians to management and back-office systems to streamline how work orders are assigned, tracked, resolved and reported.
  • Mobilize workers, automate work order processes and bridge informational gaps to increase productivity. Bring pinpoint accuracy to maintenance measurements and readings, and extend the life of mission-critical equipment. Analyze trends and implement proactive maintenance to ensure safety and compliance across the enterprise. Develop a repository of accurate performance and business data to identify energy waste and lower operational costs.
  • Mobile Plant Maintenance includes a powerful feature that enables users to reconfigure and customize electronic forms, such as an operator rounds checklist or a safety report.
  • Mobile Plant Maintenance is easy-to-use, highly configurable and SAP-certified. 

How does Mobile Plant Maintenance work?

  • Managers, supervisors and administrators view, edit and create work orders, and attach notes, items and activities operators and technicians can access. Using the patented RACE™ Dynamic Forms application, super users can digitize paper-based forms and embed them in work orders and notifications.
  • Admins can create and edit notifications so that operators are instantly alerted when there is a task to complete. They can also view time records, including Crew Time Sheets, HR Time Sheets or Plant Maintenance time confirmations. Additionally, they can view objects, assets and job locations on GIS maps.
  • Operators and field technicians use mobile, hand-held devices, such as smartphones, to view and complete work orders, take maintenance measurement readings, or use the dynamic forms capability to check off items during inspections. They can also view notifications assigned to them, and report their work and non-work time.
  • Operators and technicians can send documents to supervisors. For example, a technician can take pictures of a part that is difficult to identify and send it to their supervisor with comments and receive detailed instructions. They can access any documents attached to work orders, such as inspection manuals, for instant reference.

What kind of company makes a good customer for Mobile Plant Maintenance?

Companies in asset-intensive industries that currently use SAP® as their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. (Capabilities for additional ERPs now in development).

Who can use Mobile Plant Maintenance?

Mobile Plant Maintenance is for anyone involved in asset management, operations and maintenance, including:

  • C-suite executives: Make quicker, more informed decisions based on facts. Identify cost-savings opportunities. Prolong asset lifespans. Reduce wasteful duplication of effort and resources.
  • Senior managers and directors: Respond quickly to trends or problems. Simplify approval processes. Develop a repository of accurate performance data to identify waste and lower operational costs. Consistent, easy-to-decipher and relevant data customizable to business needs.
  • Managers and field technicians: Get rid of paper-based processes. Fix problems right the first time. Reduce errors due to incomplete information. Eliminate silos, bottlenecks and roadblocks.
  • IT professionals: Easy configurability and scalability. Unlimited customizations. Integrates directly with legacy systems with no intermediate platforms required.

What problems does Mobile Plant Maintenance solve?

  • Lack of visibility into the maintenance process
  • Keeping equipment online
  • Reactive asset management
  • Tracking jobs, projects, workers, material consumption and wrench time
  • Managing unstructured data (paper forms for inspections, checklists, surveys, etc.)
  • Regulatory and safety compliance
  • Lack of system integration/scalability
  • Hard-to-use technology workers don’t want to utilize

What results can I see using Mobile Plant Maintenance?

  • 90% less unplanned downtime and production delays
  • 90% reduction in preventable failures and outages
  • 26% lower fixed asset service and maintenance costs
  • 80% drop in regulatory fines
  • 80% cut in safety incidents
  • 50% greater workforce capacity
  • 28% fewer work order backlogs
  • 17% higher wrench time
  • 60% less technician overtime

Based on clients’ best experiences.

What else do I need to use Mobile Plant Maintenance?

  • Mobile Plant Maintenance utilizes the native capabilities of existing mobile devices, so it's not necessary to purchase anything else to use the solution.
  • Mobile Plant Maintenance can be used with other peripherals, such as scanners, mobile printers and wearables.

Which solution environments are supported by Mobile Plant Maintenance?

  • SAP® Certified Mobile App
  • SAP ECC 6.0, EHP any version
  • On Premise - SAP Mobile Platform (SMP) 3.0
  • Cloud - SAP Cloud Platform
  • SAP NetWeaver Gateway  7.4
  • SAP S/4 HANA
  • iPad, iPhones running iOS 11 and above
  • Android Smartphones and Tablets for most recent OS versions
  • Windows smartphones and tablets for most recent OS versions
  • Desktop support on SAP UI5 and on SAP Fiori Launchpad