End-to-End Optimization for Efficient, Reliable, and PROFITABLE UTILITY SERVICES

If utility providers want to survive the digital revolution, they need to create synergy between data and operations. Innovapptive’s Connected Worker Platform™ delivers transparency, automation, and real-time analytics to help leaders drive operational efficiency, manage risks, and control costs.

Swap Slow Legacy Systems
for Agile Mobile Tools

Utility executives feel more pressure to hasten their digital transforms than most. As their infrastructures expand and asset investments proliferate, keeping a pulse on performance, maintenance, and compliance is becoming increasingly complex.

From planners, schedulers, and field engineers to data entry and reporting—Innovapptive’s utility asset management software will streamline the way your organization generates, transmits, and distributes resources. Behind our robust suite of turnkey, mobile utility management tools is a remarkably intuitive user experience, online and offline functionality, and the freedom to configure solutions to align with your unique operations.

“The implementation project was so quick and seamless—it was unbelievable.”

INDUSTRY: Utilities

Key Business Advantages

  • Connect dispersed field engineers with back-office systems and support to increase worker agility, productivity, and compliance.
  • Digitize all mission-critical processes to reduce data redundancy and errors that may negatively influence critical business decisions.
  • Use predictive and self-learning systems that interact with machines to maximize the value of data, identify cost-saving opportunities, and increase profitability.
  • Monitor the health and performance of essential utility assets to prevent failures, reduce unplanned downtime, and extend the life of your equipment.

Meet the Utility Asset Management Suite

The Innovapptive Connected Worker Platform provides every solution you need to digitally transform crucial business activities and create synergy between data and utility operations.

mWorkOrder for Mobile Work Order Management

  • Ensure compliance and enhance safety.
  • Reduce the work order lifecycle.
  • Accelerate field response and resolution.
  • Decrease labor costs.

mInventory for Mobile Inventory, Warehouse, and MRO Spares Management

  • Eliminate paper to prevent human error and data redundancy.
  • Track and manage utility inventory in real time.
  • Empower field technicians with mobile access to inventory information.
  • Reduce inventory carrying costs.

mAssetTag for Fixed Asset Tracking

  • Optimize fixed asset tracking and reconciliation activities.
  • Pinpoint lost and stolen assets.
  • Eliminate overpayments to insurance and tax entities.
  • Produce fixed asset financial statements with 99% accuracy.

READY TO DIGITALLY TRANSFORM How You Deliver Utility Services?

Some of the largest utility service providers depend on Innovapptive’s Utility Asset Management solutions to power their business performance. Request a demo to learn why.