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Supply chain, asset, and worker efficiency can be the difference between life or death in healthcare. Innovapptive’s Connected Worker Platform™ mobilizes and streamlines healthcare systems from the top down to transform how organizations care for patients.


As one of the most dynamic industries, transportation struggles more than most with the repercussions of disconnected systems. Innovapptive solutions create a connected transportation platform to optimize runs, lower operational costs, monitor asset performance, and detect mechanical issues.


Education systems are under the financial microscope and more vulnerable than ever to inefficiencies. Our Mobile Asset Management solutions help schools stay within budget with precise inventory tracking, streamlined resource management, and preventive asset maintenance tools.

Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage companies need a solution to better manage assets, inventories, and their supply chains without compromising customer quality. Innovapptive’s Enterprise Asset Management platform brings visibility and control to asset performance monitoring, supply chain optimization, and worker management.


The agriculture industry struggles with international trade, labor, and transportation logistics. Innovapptive’s mobile worker and asset management solutions can heighten visibility into production, anticipate customer demands, improve asset performance, optimize service processes, and reduce operational costs.

Engineering and Construction

Operational efficiency is paramount in engineering and construction. With real-time access to back-office information and total visibility into asset performance, Innovapptive optimizes field and office operations to improve safety, increase profitability, and cut costs.

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