THE MOBILITY YOU NEED to Complete Your Digital Transformation

Manufacturing companies that fail to create synergy between performance data and operations risk losing their competitive foothold in the new industrial era. Innovapptive’s Connected Worker Platform™ delivers a robust suite of mobile solutions to automate, optimize, and streamline your manufacturing and supply chain operations from top to bottom.

The Faster, Smarter Way to Manage Assets

Industry 4.0 places unique pressures on manufacturing executives who must find cost-effective, low-risk solutions to address looming labor shortages, stressful production timelines, tightening compliance regulations, and proliferating data—all without disrupting productivity.

Innovapptive’s Connected Worker Platform supports some of the world’s largest manufacturing brands with specially engineered mobile management solutions that tightly integrate with ERP systems. From digital shop floor tools to manufacturing asset management software, we help industry leaders eliminate fragmented processes, lean down operations, and gain better control over their inventories and supply chains. Behind our advanced mobile solutions is a simple, straightforward user experience with online and offline connectivity and a customizable configuration toolkit for both technical and non-technical users.

“Our plant manager shared that they can use the app without any training. The solution is very responsive and meets our requirements.”
BUSINESS OWNER - Global Food Manufacturer
INDUSTRY: Manufacturing
“The upgraded 4.2.1 version made a day-and-night difference from the previous one.”
BUSINESS OWNER - Global Building Products Manufacturer
INDUSTRY: Manufacturing

Key Business Advantages

  • Connect the production floor with back-office systems to create closed-loop, real-time data sharing that drives efficiency and productivity on the line and in the C-Suite.
  • Eliminate paper-based processes and automate manual tasks to reduce data-entry errors and data redundancy.
  • Monitor the performance data of mission-critical machines and equipment to support preventative maintenance, reduce failures or downtime, and extend the life of your assets.
  • Use high-quality, real-time data to assess production efficiencies and guide executive decisions.

Meet Our Transformative
Manufacturing Solutions

From improving manufacturing asset management to creating a digital shop floor, the Innovapptive Connected Worker Platform provides every solution you need to optimize core operational and production processes.

mWorkOrder for Mobile Work Order Management

  • Monitor work order progress.
  • Diagnose and resolve work orders quickly.
  • Reduce backlogs.
  • Minimize the cost of labor.

mInventory for Mobile Inventory, Warehouse, and MRO Spares Management

  • Go paperless to streamline daily transactions.
  • Digitize data entry to eliminate redundancies and errors.
  • Track parts and manage material inventories across multiple facilities.
  • Connect inventory and supply chain activities to reduce costs.

mAssetTag for Fixed Asset Tracking

  • Simplify fixed asset tracking and reconciliation.
  • Easily spot lost or stolen assets.
  • Control unnecessary spending.
  • Report on fixed asset financials with 99% accuracy.

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