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A Connected Inventory Solution to Transform your Warehouse, Distribution Center or Storeroom

Inventory accuracy pressures, and the urgency to fulfil orders, reservations, and optimizing your inventory levels has never been greater. With Innovapptive's Connected Inventory Solution (also known as mInventory), you’ll have the technology to easily connect your SAP system, warehouse workers, forklift drivers and your processes. It’s exactly what you need to drive greater speed, accuracy, productivity, agility and efficiency throughout your supply chain.

The Connected Inventory Solution can be deployed in warehouses and factories to provide complete end to end inventory control from receipt of raw materials, though production to dispatch of finished goods. Deployed in your Maintenance, Repair and Operation (MRO) storerooms it will ensure your maintenance engineers always have the spare parts they need to complete the work on-time.

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Key Features

The Connected Inventory Management application is a highly configurable, SAP® Certified product that empowers your inventory & warehouse management teams by delivering real-time visibility & control into the palm of their hands.

Configurable Role-based Solution
Configurable Role-Based Solution

Innovapptive’s role-based configurable solution allows hardware configuration requirements for each role, such as warehouse operator, warehouse clerk, forklift driver, etc.

Real-time Goods Issue, Receipt & Transfers
Real-Time Goods Issue, Receipt & Transfers

Track goods movements & operations across disparate locations in real time with instant updates to your SAP system.

Goods Returns from Anywhere
Goods Returns from Anywhere

Return delivered goods to vendors from anywhere through your mobile phone.

Wireless Label Printing
Wireless Label Printing

Avoiding mislabeling while quickly processing shipments. Supports several wireless printers, such as Honeywell RP4, Zebra ZQ520, etc.

Scanned Picking & Packing
Scanned Picking & Packing

Perform Pick/Unpick, Pack/Unpack operations with a high level of accuracy by scanning the location, without impeding picking velocity.

Digital Cycle Counting
Digital Cycle Counting

Reduce error rates and increase inventory accuracy through digital cycle counting.

Remote Logistics Management (RLM)
Remote Logistics Management (RLM)

Handle high-volume transactions across all your remote warehouses seamlessly through automated RLM processes.

Extended Warehouse Management (EWM)
Extended Warehouse Management (EWM)

Bring down your warehouse costs with extended warehouse management solution which optimizes your resources to tap their full potential.

Barcode Scanning
Barcode Scanning

The Barcode and QR Code scan solution supports ruggedized scanning peripherals, including COGNEX, Honeywell and Linea Pro, etc.

Optical Character Reader (OCR)
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Connected Inventory Management with an Anyline scanner can instantly digitize and optimize your work - just point and scan data directly into your system and avoid typing.

Integration with Drones
Integration with Drones

Industrial drones used for image and video capture can integrate with Connected Inventory Manag seamlessly.

PDF and Image Markup
PDF & Image Markup

The product has in-built markup tools to assist with PDF and Image markups on the go.

Voice Picking


What does Connected Inventory Management do?

  • mInventory is SAP®  certified mobile solution for inventory & warehouse management.
  • It uses the power of digital transformation to alter the way warehouses conduct their receiving, storage, picking and shipping procedures. mInventory replaces slow, error-prone paper-based processes with accurate, efficient digital ones. It also eliminates employees from having to touch paper forms, which could place workers at considerable risk of infection.
  • mInventory also adds greater control during movements within a warehouse, such as putaway and transfers. Warehouse supervisors can track goods receipt and movements in real time. Should an error crop up, immediate action can be taken to correct the situation. Finally, with better tracking and access to information, picking and goods issue to the field is more accurate and faster.

How does Connected Inventory Management work?

  • Using mobile handheld devices, such as smartphones or barcode scanners, users scan item barcodes or use OCR to scan label text. Inventory records are instantly updated in the back office system and can be reviewed enterprise-wide via mobile devices and desktop dashboards.
  • mInventory is easy-to-use, highly configurable and SAP® Certified. It works in both online and offline modes.

What kind of company makes a good customer for Connected Inventory Management?

  • Companies across all industry sectors that currently use SAP® as their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. (Capabilities for additional ERPs now in development.)
  • Companies with large asset catalogs and warehouse inventories of tens or hundreds of thousands of items.
  • Companies that have invested in SAP but are still using paper processes or old scanning solutions and can benefit from improved inventory accuracy and warehouse productivity

Who can use Connected Inventory Management?

mInventory is for anyone involved in warehouse operations and inventory, Remote Logistics Management(Oil and Gas - Upstream) including:

  • C-suite executives: Gain insights into real-time inventory levels to reduce inventory carrying costs. Reduce administrative overhead.
  • Senior managers and directors: Respond quickly to trends or problems. Relevant data customizable to business needs. Make better use of labor and resources.
  • Managers, field technicians, Warehouse staff: Eliminate paper-based processes. First-time data capture accuracy. Reduce errors due to incomplete information. Prioritize tasks and cut wasted effort.
  • IT professionals: Easy configurability and scalability. Unlimited customizations. Integrates directly with legacy systems with no intermediate platforms required.

What problems does Connected Inventory Management solve?

  • Tracking of material from the manufacturer to the site, including inspection and import/export records
  • Lack of visibility/insight into receiving process 
  • Low/no-value inventory data
  • Reactive warehouse management
  • Inventory movement not captured in real time
  • Inefficient manual document entry
  • No barcodes on incoming goods
  • Lack of system integration/scalability
  • Hard-to-use technology workers don’t want to utilize
  • Provide accurate Positive Material Identification (PMI) upon arrival to the site
  • Collect and preserve data on defects of missing parts for recoveries from the supplier (QAQC)

What results can I see using Connected Inventory Management?

  • Reduce unplanned downtime and production delays by up to 90%
  • Speed up receipt and back-order reporting to and from shipping/receiving by over 35%
  • Reduce inventory carrying costs by as much as 5%.
  • Improve inventory accuracy by 30%.
  • 50% Increase in cycle counting speed
  • 70% elimination of manual and paper based processes.

Based on clients’ best experiences.

Which platforms are supported with Connected Inventory Management?

  • iOS
  • Android
  • UI5
  • Native mobile(Phones + Tablets) + Desktop User Interface

What the key sectors where use of supply chain technology needs high focus?

  • Oil and Gas 
  • Industrial Manufacturing 
  • Mining 
  • Utilities

Why Choose Connected Inventory Management?

  • Save Implementation Time & Money - Out of the Box – SAP transactions – ready to implement
  • Process Improvement & Professional Advice 
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership –Subscription Model - Pay only for active users with a low per month cost
  • Easy to Customize –Use RACE™ to Deliver Instant Value
  • Scalability

How are the current Connected Inventory Management customers ?

  • Shell 
  • Johns Manville 
  • HESS
  • Marathon Petroleum Corporation
  • Marathon Oil 
  • Loudoun Water
  • Freeport LNG
  • Akzo Nobel
  • Acumed

What Our Customers Say


Thanks to Connected Inventory Solution, our workers are more productive, our inventories are more accurate, we’re better able to anticipate demand, and best of all, no more paper!

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Having processes that rely less on paper and tools that capture real time information as operations happen on the ground is the most impressive gain mInventory application has provided to our organization in the management of worldwide inventory and warehouse management functions.

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We have much greater visibility into our entire warehouse process.  Connected Inventory Solution's high-value data has helped us cut down on understocks and overstocks, which has had a positive impact on our previously out-of-control carrying costs. 

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