Mining is one of the most dangerous and demanding sectors of the industrial economy, which makes managing fixed assets, remote workers, and business activities a stressful endeavor for leadership teams. Innovapptive’s Connected Worker Platform™ will align business activities with real-time performance data to improve safety, operational efficiency, and profitability.

Join the Digital Revolution

Executive teams are keenly aware of the opportunities that are available through digital transformation. However, they also worry about the risks involved in replacing tried and true manual mining processes with complex digital solutions.

Innovapptive’s Connected Worker Platform works in tandem with your ERP to bridge communication and information gaps and optimizes operations from pit to customer. Use connected sensors, monitors, and alarms to monitor mission-critical equipment, take immediate remedial action, and support proactive maintenance to improve safety. With total connectivity and visibility over field and back-office operations, executives can better manage risks, identify cost-saving opportunities, and use precise data to make calculated low-risk business decisions.

“Very impressed with the speed of delivery in eight weeks.”
IT MANAGER - Ajjay Singh

Key Business Advantages

  • Provide mining engineers with anywhere-anytime access to back-office information to elevate field efficiency and productivity.
  • Automate time consuming, paper-based processes to prevent human error and redundancies from reducing the quality of your database.
  • Use sensors, predictive analytics, and machine learning to assess workflows, address safety and compliance issues, and extend the life of your fixed assets.
  • Build a knowledge database that allows your executive team to assess high-quality data and identify operational inefficiencies or new business opportunities.

Meet Our Transformative
Mobile Mining Solutions

The Innovapptive Connected Worker Platform provides every solution you need to manage risks, control costs, optimize performance, and improve safety standards in the field across all facilities.

mWorkOrder for Mobile Work Order Management

  • Ensure a safe work environment.
  • Accelerate your response rates.
  • Shorten the work order lifecycle.
  • Lower labor costs.

mInventory for Mobile Inventory, Warehouse, and MRO Spares Management

  • Rid processes of erroneous manual data entry.
  • Use real-time tracking to manage mining inventories.
  • Provide mine engineers with access to inventory information.
  • Control inventory carrying costs.

mAssetTag for Fixed Asset Tracking

  • Streamline fixed asset tracking and reconciliation.
  • Recover lost or stolen assets.
  • Confirm proper payment to insurance and tax entities.
  • Create near-exact fixed asset financial statements.

READY TO REVOLUTIONIZE your mining operation?

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