SAP Mobile Rounds

Conditional monitoring of equipment & assets is critical to ensure the detection and prevention of failures and unplanned downtime. Operators have the best opportunity to collect the data that is needed to maintain the current condition of the equipment. Innovapptive’s Mobile Rounds (mRounds) mobile app, powered by SAP®, allows you to record critical asset performance data points in real-time without the use of manual paper forms. Assets that are trending towards failure are identified quickly, allowing you to reduce downtime and help you maintain your equipment in a much better way.

Traditional maintenance costs (i.e. labor and material) in the U. S. have escalated at a tremendous rate over the past 10 years. In 1981, domestic plants spent more than $600 billion to maintain their critical plant systems. By 1991, the costs had increased to more than $800 billion and topped $1.2 trillion in 2000. These evaluations indicate that between one third and one half of these maintenance, dollars are wasted through ineffective maintenance management methods.
A major American beverage company’s top operational priority was to ensure that its next-generation soda fountains functioned properly in the field. Given the logistical realities, traditional break-fix approaches fell short in terms of cost, efficiency and outcomes. The company looked instead for a way to stay ahead of the curve by focusing on preventing machine malfunctions through proactive maintenance practices such as using mobile solutions to capture and analyze real-time asset performance data.

Preventive maintenance can help enterprises save thousands of dollars a year and avoid disruption of their production and equipment downtime. By recording data at the point of collection in real-time, Innovapptive’s mRounds mobile app mitigates the consequences of equipment failure by preventing failure before it actually occurs. Apart from that, the data analysis, trending and alerts module alerts operators and supervisors about equipment conditions, before it completely fails.

Tightly integrate your field and back-office systems by empowering field service technicians to input data directly into mobile devices. Technicians no longer have to retype the information they gather on rounds and service calls. Innovapptive’s mRounds mobile app collects notes and results directly from multiple backend systems, reducing errors, saving time and eliminating complex work.

Key features and Value drivers

  • Enter measurement readings on your mobile devices and synchronize automatically with backend SAP EAM.
  • Compare input with historic standards and safe ranges.
  • Generate notifications on-the-spot.
  • Trend readings, points, and sequences to avoid emergencies and outages.
  • Download measurement reading lists by equipment type or name.
  • Automatically calculate readings, limits, alerts and collection frequencies.

Business benefits

  • Extend and improve asset life and reliability.
  • Improve workforce safety and productivity.
  • Reduce unplanned downtime and maintenance backlog.
  • Increase plant, fleet and equipment performance.
  • Reduce accidents, failures and outages.
  • Improve first-time resolution rates.