Mobile Universal Approvals

SAP approvals simplified! anywhere, anytime

Most enterprises struggle with timely approval of several processes. The inability of your work force to make real time decisions creates an inefficient process and lowers the adoption rate of your expensive investments in an ERP and SAP system. Employees always tend to find the least resistance path to get their job done, which then creates a breakdown in standard processes. To eliminate a break down in your standard processes, enterprises must look to empower their workforce to carry out their work anywhere, anytime. A native Mobile Universal SAP Approvals solution will empower your workforce to do more with less.

Push Notifications

Drive pro-active decision making, enhance mobile adoption and engage your employees.


Badges indicate that a new work-item is waiting. Get informed on your pending items on the home screen.

Collective Approvals

Need to approve 100 to 200 items daily? Simultaneously approve or reject all line items with a single click.


Integrated substitution functionality to delegate inbox when you are on a vacation.

Custom Dashboard

Easily rearrange, hide and show your work-items, based on the priority and usage.

Offline Mode

Execute your Inbox even when you're out of the network coverage and sync once you're back in the coverage.

The world is going mobile, so should your corporate and field approvals!mWorklist is a role based native mobile application that contains 16 out-of-the-box SAP approvals and eliminates the need for an app per approval work item. The following is the list of SAP approvals that this app supports.

  • Sales orders
  • Shopping carts
  • Purchase requisitions
  • Purchase orders
  • Contracts
  • Service entry sheets
  • Travel & expenses
  • Personnel requests
  • GRC approvals
  • Vendor master
  • WBS elements
  • Journal entries
  • Payments
  • Invoices
  • Time entry

Innovapptive’s mWorklist provides a generic framework container to configure and integrate any customer workflow and work item that is not available in the apps standard approvals.

  • Automate business processes such as blocked invoices by creating a goods receipt or service entry sheet with a few clicks.
  • Integrate your SAP BPM processes and run them anywhere, anytime.

Value drivers

  • Faster transaction processing
  • Reduced cycle time for approvals
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Improved operational efficiency

Business benefits

  • 8-10% direct cost savings through increased productivity of property managers
  • 40% increase in productivity to drive higher operational efficiency