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What Problems Do We Solve

What Industry Problems Do We Solve

Leading industry analyst predictions over the last few years has now become a reality. The demand for mobile solutions is on the surge, as enterprises are constantly pressurized to reduce cost and find efficient ways to do more with less. Forward looking companies are turning to mobile technologies and User Experience (UX) transformation products to improve employee productivity, increase sales revenues, and eliminate redundant paper based processes. All in a pursuit to find new ways to perform real-time transactional business processing or decision making by accessing information anywhere, anytime. This surge in demand to work efficiently at a lower cost per employee is raising challenges in IT to find innovative ways to instantly mobilize this demand.

How do we solve this problem

Innovapptive’s proprietary methodology and technology allows global 2000 companies to Instantly mobilize and leverage the full benefits of SAP Fiori offering by using 3 simple steps –

  • Deploy
    1. A large portfolio of fully configurable 30+ pre-packaged SAP certified mobile solutions capable of running on native platforms and SAP Fiori.
    2. Our apps, SAP Fiori Apps and the SAP mobile platform at the cost of one license pricing.
    3. A cloud based enterprise branded app store and create a secure app store to target distribution by line of businesses (LOB) or a category.
    4. 30+ pre-packaged mobile apps ready to be deployed in 4-6 weeks in native, SAP UI5 containerized mobile solution and SAP Flori launched desktop.
    5. Embedded SAP mobile platform runtime licenses with in Innovapptive's product license.
    6. Cloud based configurable private enterprise branded app store.
  • Manage
    1. Through Innovapptive’s proprietary technology, 90% of your current and new evolving business requirements can be met through SIMPLE SAP Configurations. No need to hire any new skill sets.
    2. Through Innovapptive Cloud Based Mobile Application Management (MAM) solution, IT administrators can manage groups, categories, policies, user registration, remote app wipes, run adoption reports and manage the entire app lifecycle.
    3. Customizations through simple runtime SAP configuration.
    4. Cloud based mobile application management(MAM) solution to manage:
      1. Users, groups, and app life cycle
      2. Targeted Distribution of apps
      3. Remote control of apps to improve IT support
      4. Activity reports to monitor adoption
  • Secure
    1. Through simple app wrapper security (Powered by Mocana), customers can apply configurable security policies such as cut/copy paste protection, jail root device install protection, geo-fencing (The app does not work beyond a certain perimeter), data at rest encryption and several more.
    2. All your corporate apps on employee owned devices, embrace bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and let employees work smarter with their smart phones and smart devices.
    3. Protects what matters the most apps.
    4. Security App Wrappers
    5. Configurable Security Policies
    6. Data Encryption