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Innovapptive to gear up for Apple iOS 10 version upgrade

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Innovapptive to gear up for Apple iOS 10 version upgrade

Apple is poised to release its next version of upgrade –  Apple iOS 10 to be unveiled tentatively sometime in the month of September. Already, a beta version of the iOS is released to help developers install and experience the upgraded version across a variety of iOS devices. The updated version is expected to bring a sea-change in the way users interact and process a series of tasks. It can be recalled that when iOS 9 was unveiled, nothing has changed with respect to the performance and even iPhone 4S and iPad 2 were still working with that system upgrade. However, this may not be possible with the new version, considering that iOS 10 may require more than 512 MB of RAM.ios10

Let’s have an overview of the core features of this new upgrade (beta version), though more is expected in the final version:

  • Compatibility – compatible with virtually any iOS device such as iPhone, iPad or iPad touch.
  • Redesign of iPhone and iPad lock screen - Slide to lock is removed and instead replaced with simple instructions. The feature that has been added is the ability to raise the phone to wake it.
  •  Rich lock screen notifications - Notifications are now disintegrated into bubbles and now you can use 3D Touch to display hidden menu actions.
  • Lockscreen camera and 'widgets' – easy flexibility to flip on the camera with iOS 10.
  • Graphical 3D touch shortcuts - easily accomplish your fitness goals.
  • Advanced Siri Intelligence – a QuickType keyboard to auto-predict what you want to type (or have in your mind)
  • Advanced photo feature - makes it easier to organize photos with advanced computer vision, which means creating photos based on face recognition and much more.
  •  Enhanced apple maps – lets you freely navigate and search places
  •  Upgraded voicemail feature -  offers voicemail transcription, which means display of text (what voicemail says)
  •  Enhanced message feature - introduces rich links within a conversation and a live camera view
  • And much more………

How Innovapptive is gearing up with this new upgrade?

Innovapptive has built a suite of applications in the SAP enterprise mobility domain with iOS platform being a key driver for its digital transformation initiatives. All its apps (around 77+) are currently available on the iOS platform -  version 9.0. However, the current engagement is to migrate all its apps from iOS 9.0 to iOS 10 platform. As a first step, it plans to install the beta version on all compatible devices to test the performance of the apps with respect to ease of navigation, optimization of time to process the tasks, user responsiveness, unexpected device behavior, if any and other related parameters. A performance matrix would be drawn to assess the impact including suggestions for code changes or other related factors.

Already, the iOS team at Innovapptive has taken the baby steps to actively work on the new upgrade, drawing some notable results, based on the observations. To start with, the following pre-requisites for installation have been compiled from developer stand point, which are as follows:

  • Latest MAC OS (min version 11.4)
  • XCode 8 beta (to support iOS 10 beta)

Some of the key findings (tentative) of this new upgrade are as follows:

  • Since most of the applications have been developed in Objective C, the development team doesn’t perceive any code changes with absolutely 0% impact on code changes.
  • On the other hand, the impact on the Swift programming language would be major, which means the current version of the programming language need to be upgraded to 3.0 to support the iOS 10 upgrade. However, there’s only one application (mSales) that has been developed using the Swift programming language, which would get impacted for code changes.

Overall, the development team do not perceive much impact on its applications by way of this iOS 10 upgrade, which translates to minimal development efforts and expenditure.

However, from an organization’s perspective, we see a huge value addition for all iOS -10 users, who run our applications in terms of an enhanced user experience, greater work efficiency and optimization of resources, among other things

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