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Innovapptive Partners with SAP to Deliver Top Quality Enterprise Mobile Products – The mPower™ Apps Suite & Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS)

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Innovapptive Inc. is a leading SAP certified mobile application development and services partner, with global reach. The company provides end-to-end SAP mobile solutions through a wide range of pre-packaged enterprise mobile products and flexible and agile delivery models. Innovapptive's core product offering is the mPower™ AppSuite and it's partnership with SAP to ensure all pre-packaged mobile apps complete a rigorous SAP certification process. The SAP certification process allows Innovapptive to deliver products of top quality, trust and assurance and our collaboration success story was featured by SAP. The certification has made it easy for Innovapptive to support market-leading solutions from SAP and offer integrated solutions to its customers.

Why is SAP Certification important to Innovapptive?

Certification supports services around third-party software integration into SAP, which helps Innovapptive to aim at their top strategic objectives to empower people anywhere and anytime with simple and real time access to information and processes. With a certificate of assurance of quality from SAP, deploying developed products and managing customers are easier. Successfully engaging in the certification process offered by an enterprise mobility leader such as SAP helps Innovapptive validate internal best-practice and quality standards.

Innovapptive SAP Partnership
Benefits of Certification to Our Customers

Increased trustworthiness of customers as the SAP certified products provide a seal of trust and assurance to deploy our mPower™ Apps Suite.

Through long–term strategic planning in co-relation with SAP, Innovapptive is well positioned to delivery top quality enterprise mobile products and services to our customer base.

Innovapptive not only certifies its mPower Apps Suite with SAP, but also certifies its proprietary tools, accelerators and rapid deployment methodologies with SAP. The unique combination of certified enterprise mobile products and services from SAP helps Innovapptive delivery high value business outcomes for our customers. SAP Integration and Certification Center has helped drive higher customer adoption of both Innovapptive products and services and has enhanced credibility as a leader of enterprise mobility solutions.

Innovapptive’s 2014 Outlook with SAP

Innovapptive is aiming at strengthening quality standards and integration of functionality of our entire mPower™ Apps Suite.. Innovapptive currently has over ten mobile apps certified by SAP and is focused on certifying an additional twenty mobile apps in 2014, making Innovapptive a distinguished SAP partner with the highest number of certified mobile apps in the SAP store. Innovapptive, in 2014, strives to continually make a distinguished presence at the SAP store, making remarkable change in capturing potential customers, who opt for the quality certified apps. With a clear road map, gigantic support, certification and partnership, Innovapptive is committed to delivering high business value and accelerate our customer’s time to market with its innovations in 2014.

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