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New Webinar Shows How to Overcome the Need for Barcodes From Vendors with “Mobile-First” OCR Technology

Webinar: Combat Margin Pressures, Talent Challenges and COVID-19 with a Connected Worker Strategy
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Barcodes and barcode scanning have been at the forefront of warehouse and inventory automation. Thanks to barcodes, goods move much faster through the supply chain, from storeroom receiving, putaway, picking/packing, issue and transfer.

However, warehouses have relied on suppliers to label their shipments and goods with barcodes. When this happens, the result is a smooth, efficient process. Unfortunately, not all vendors are compliant. Rather than barcodes, they instead may label their goods via printed signs or by handwriting numbers on packages or invoices. This practice greatly slows warehouse and inventory productivity, as clerks must process these items separately from barcoded goods. Now, rather than digitally checking in, rapidly moving or efficiently putting away goods, they’re taken from these critical tasks to slowly go through and individually process non-barcoded items.

It also can result in:

  • Confusion between a warehouse and multiple vendors, each with different systems
  • Limited visibility on where goods are in the supply chain/warehouse
  • Inaccuracies between physical movements and updates to the System of Record
  • Lower warehouse and inventory productivity
  • Increased risk of stock outs
  • Lack of accountability throughout the process

Mobile Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology offers a productive fix for this vexing problem. Using the native capabilities of mobile devices, such as smartphones, scanners, cameras, wearables and printers, warehouse clerks can quickly and accurately process goods lacking barcodes by optically reading what’s already written or printed on an item. The device then electronically enters that identification information into the warehouse’s System of Record as it would a barcode. This eliminates manually registering shipping/receiving information, which, of course, slows the process and can result in errors. 

Now two mobile technology leaders are teaming up for a timely webinar warehouse and inventory professionals will want to attend. Innovapptive, a mobile-first connected workforce platform provider, joins with Anyline, a leading supplier of mobile OCR solutions, for Using Optical Character Recognition in the Supply Chain. This webinar will demonstrate how companies can greatly improve their inventory management and supply chain integration – without having to rely on supplier-generated barcodes.

Webinar guests will see how using Innovapptive’s digital inventory platform and Anyline’s OCR technology can:

  • Improve inventory accuracy by 80% to 90%
  • Reduce inventory cost of carry by 5% to 1%
  • Reduce shrinkage by 40% to 60%
  • Reduce stock outs by 40% to 60%

This webinar takes on added importance with today’s global uncertainty and market volatility. Thanks to the worldwide disruption the COVID-19 virus has caused, it’s critical that companies in every industry ensure their supply chains operate at peak efficiency to maximize revenue and profits, maintain production and keep customers supplied and happy. An inefficient, slow and inaccurate supply chain, warehouse and inventory process will only be magnified in today’s stressful conditions where workers are being urged to stay home, where materials are being shifted to higher priority needs and when no one in business, politics or medicine has an idea of what will happen tomorrow.

It’s incumbent on you to do what you can to ensure your company makes it through these turbulent times intact. A great place to start is your warehouse and inventory process. Sign up today to learn how mobile OCR technology can help you accomplish this, even in an era of sudden uncertainty. If you can’t make it on the scheduled date, sign up anyway and we’ll make a recording of the event available for later viewing.

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April 1, 2020, 10 a.m. CDT

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