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Product Release 4.1: Shiny New Features Across the Board

Product Release 4.1: Shiny New Features Across the Board

At Innovapptive we love our customers. One of the ways we show it is by continually adding new features and functionality that makes it easier to provide awesome user experiences. Last month, we announced Version 4.1 beefing up on product capabilities, creating a mobile experience that is seamless across all channels.

mWorkOrder - Mobile Work Order Management | New Features

  • Interactive Analytics Dashboard - Clickable graphs and charts make data access and filtering easier
  • Work Orders and Notification Assignment - Assignment and filtering of work orders and notifications to field technicians based on 'Work Center' and/or 'Person Responsible'
  • Work Order Operation Time Confirmation - Feature to pause time recording when a worker is on the job
  • Work Order Components -  Capability to add free text items and non-stock items to a work order, availability check when adding spare parts
  • Work Order Statuses - View and change User Statuses
  • Goods Issues - Perform Goods Issues against work order components with a single click
  • Task Lists - Display Equipment, Functional Location and General Task Lists and auto-create Operations and components on Work Orders based on existing task lists
  • Time Entry - Simplified time entry screen with integration to SAP HR CATS
  • Rounds Management - Collective readings across measuring points with configuration capability, reading entry by measuring point or equipment
  • Search Screen - Configure defaults & dynamic searches with multi-value selection
  • Search Results Screen - Improved User experience for drop down search results with fuzzy search capability
  • Attachments Integration - Drop Box and Google Drive integration for document management
  • Documents and Drawings - PRT Document capability, including SAP Visual Studio 3D attachments
  • Video Files - Retrieve and play stored video files. Record and update new video files
  • Map Locations and Routing - Display locations on map and provide route directions and route plan based on distance
  • Performance Improvements - Configurable capabilities such as Delta Token, Skip Token, Load More, JSON vs XML based data volume and type
  • Performance Tuning - Configurable bandwidth based auto-switch from online mode to offline mode, Offline data configuration capability for enabling or disabling data services for offline mode
  • Data Logs - Message log history display for offline data synchronization and postings

mWorklist - Mobile Universal Approvals | New Features

  • New Offline Capability - Offline capabilities are more streamlined and simplified both on the iOS and Android platforms that enable you to perform approvals anytime and anywhere even without network connectivity.
  • Automatic Data Sync with Push capabilities - Users no longer need to manually sync workflow data. The mobile app will automatically synchronize the data from SAP when there is network connectivity and caches the data in the device to view and process the transactions in offline mode.
  • Push Notifications - The updates to Push Notifications feature, compatible with the iOS, Android and Windows platforms, notifies you of work items that need your attention even when you’re not logged in. You no longer need to access the application and check for notifications.
  • One-click access to workflow items -  With a single click, you can navigate to the pending work item and approve or reject which saves time and improves productivity.
  • Hide confidential data - Hide confidential Purchase Orders and Non Purchase Order Invoices and display only those that you choose with RACETM. The hiding capability ensures confidentiality of critical data and empowers you on the iOS and Android platforms with control over viewership.
  • Predictive search - Perform accurate searches and get exact information by entering keywords against identical OVS elements in the backend to give you exactly what you’re looking for. Searching for information is now made simple and more precise on the iOS, Ui5 and Android platforms to help you save valuable time and effort.
  • Substitution feature for Dolphin PTS work items - For Dolphin PTS based approval modules, assign your substitutes through the application to perform work in your absence. The substitute will be able to execute work items in your absence thereby ensuring productivity and preventing any sort of adverse effect on the business.
  • Substitution Validity Period - You can also set the duration of substitution for your substitute and can add more substitutes to your list. The ability to set durations and add substitutes enables you to plan efficiently and make prudent business decisions on your iOS and Android powered devices and on the Ui5 platform too.
  • Multi Language Support - Select from a wide collection of languages to operate the app with on the iOS, Android and Ui5 platforms. The ability of using the application in the language of your choice gives you the comfort and convenience of working in a familiar environment and greatly minimizes the risk of errors.
  • History Reports - Empower your employees to generate reports and perform approvals/rejections in the language of their choice increasing their satisfaction and ensuring better quality results.
  • Touch ID - Enhanced security features by introducing Touch ID, fingerprint recognition login on iOS devices.
  • Landscape and Portrait modes - Rotate your screen to view the application in either portrait or landscape mode. You now have the view of your choice.


mTravel - Mobile Travel & Expenses | New Features

  • SAP Mobile Platform SP-10 integration - Advanced offline capabilities as users no longer need to manually sync data. The app will automatically synchronize the data with SAP when there is network connectivity and caches the data in the device when there is no connectivity.
  • Expense On-behalf of functionality - Users will now be able to create Expense Reports on behalf of another user. On the General Data of a new expense report the user will be able to search and select another user on behalf of whom they can submit an expense report.
  • Mileage Expenses - Users will have the ability to add multiple mileage expenses. While adding a mileage expense users can select vehicle type. App will automatically calculate mileage based on rates defined in SAP. App will add the mileage amounts to the total of the expense report.
  • Improved Attachment handling for Expense Reports - Users now have the ability to add attachments at the header or item level of the expense report. Item level attachments are specific to each receipt. Although attachments are stored in SAP Trip, the attachments are clearly named by the app automatically so they can be identified easily as to which receipt they belong to.
  • Expense Policies and Messaging - The app will determine expense policies defined by the enterprise and notify users of any exceptions while adding expenses on an expense report. Warning and error messages are displayed to guide the user to adhere to expense policies.
  • Ability to Add Expense Advances - Users will have the ability to add multiple advance amounts on the expense report. The app will re-calculate the total amount of the expense report based on the advances included on the expense report.
  • Improved User Experience - Home screen displays the number of card charges available for processing. Home screen displays the number of expenses reports submitted.
  • Tabbed Display - Expense Report organized with Tab based process steps for adding Destinations, Advances, Mileage Expenses, Attachments and Receipts.
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