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RACE™ Dynamic Forms Series (Blog 3 of 3): Upping Your Edge in the Oilfield

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RACE™ Dynamic Forms Series (Blog 3 of 3): Upping Your Edge in the Oilfield

Digital Forms & Oilfields: Dynamic Environments Need Dynamic Solutions

For field service workers in the oil & gas industry, environment, health, and safety (EHS) is a massive concern. Reality only settles in once you want to scale your company, try to create some sort of freedom from your operations (ie the reason most of us start a business in the first place), or get out altogether. Pick your poison, but it’s one of these scenarios that serve as the ice-bucket-challenge moment for operators when correcting long-standing inefficiencies in the oilfield by delivering a connected data solution that enables oilfield managers like never before.

Oil & Gas:

Digital transformation is a driver of sweeping change in the world around us. Connectivity is empowering millions of people while providing businesses with unparalleled opportunities for value creation and capture.  The Oil and Gas industry of today is redefining its boundaries through digitalization which is acting as an enabler to oil & gas companies to tackle these challenges and provide value to all their stakeholders. This focus on technology in the oil fields is continuing to grow with the workforce mobilizing using smartphones, tablets, etc.

With mobile forms for field service data collection, the benefits are apparent. These benefits counterweight every risk associated with traditional, legacy methods of data collection in the field, not to mention mitigating even greater environmental and safety disasters.

Top Benefits of Digital Forms:

  • Decreased time spent inputting data.
  • Improved connectivity for real-time access in the field or office.
  • Improved time and costs savings for a company.
  • Improving receptiveness, customer experience, data accuracy, and completeness.
  • Reduce incomplete or missing data to restrict halt in production and complete turnaround planning smoothly.
  • Review case reports, site monitoring, event reporting and many more in real time online or offline.
  • And much more...

Innovapptive’s RACE™ Dynamic Forms drives new connectivity options for the digital oilfield offering super flexible/hassle-free integration into SAP/ERP environments. With large volumes of critical data stored securely, the solution helps you to create and handle multi-pages’ of digital forms expeditiously and efficiently and reduces written work for all users.

Using RACE™ Dynamic Forms, oil field inspectors will save time and increase efficiency involved in filling out the abundance of forms for safety inspections, permit regulations, maintenance, equipment checks, etc. which also leads to reductions in logistics of forms and paper handling. Organizations are able to complete turnaround planning smoothly by reducing missing and/or incomplete data which can restrict or halt production. Lastly, using digital forms in RACE™ can eliminate equipment malfunctions with automatic uploads and corrective actions to keep pipeline inspections timely and error-free.

RACE™ Dynamic Forms is the solution to help you build robust mobile forms revolutionizing your field data capture, whether the objective is to improve productivity, increase visibility into operations, save time and/or gain data accuracy.

If you would like to find out more about RACE™ Dynamic Forms, or any of Innovapptive’s Mobile Workforce Management Solutions, our Solution Experts are ready to chat with you or you can reach us at (713) 275-1804.  Request Live Demo

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