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The key to managing an organization’s approval process is having accurate information at hand to approve financial activity. Most enterprises struggle with timely approval of several processes. The inability of your work force to make real time decisions creates an inefficient process and lowers the adoption rate of your expensive investments in an ERP and SAP system. Employees always tend to find the least resistance path to get their job done, which then creates a breakdown in standard processes. To eliminate a break down in your standard processes, enterprises must look to empower their workforce to carry out their work anywhere, anytime. A native Mobile Universal SAP Approvals solution will empower your workforce to do more with less.

A mobile approvals solution helps your organization with the tools to effectively approve, deny, reject transactions and users can manage the approval work through the ability to filter their set of work so that priorities are identified. The solution makes the approval process faster, increases user satisfaction and without compromising on compliance.shutterstock_413132761

Unwiring your organization with an approval app enables busy managers to approve critical or time-sensitive SAP procure-to-pay transactions anytime, anywhere, on any mobile device. Organizations can reduce invoice approval time, increase productivity, and optimize cash flow by pushing procure-to-pay information directly to managers’ smartphones or tablets, so they can quickly approve and code Non-PO Invoices, accelerate the resolution of blocked or held PO-based invoices, view invoice images as attachments. Also, approve other P2P transactions, shopping carts, purchase requisitions, purchase orders, service entry sheets, and expense reports from the same app. Faster approval processing also means that they can avoid late payment penalties and get early payment discounts and improve supplier relations.

One mobile universal approval solution for all your needs

The world is going mobile, so should your corporate and field approvals. Innovapptive’s mWorklist is a role based native mobile application that contains 21 out-of-the-box SAP approvals and eliminates the need for an app per approval work item. The following is the list of SAP approvals that this app

Drive enterprise wide operational efficiency Most well defined operational processes breakdown due to the lack of process discipline or missing technologies that enable process discipline. Empower your managers with Innovapptive’s mobile universal approvals - mWorklist solution and see productivity gains of over 40% in less than one year. Go beyond approvals - automate processes Automate business processes such as blocked invoices by creating a goods receipt or service entry sheet with a few clicks. Integrate your SAP BPM processes and run them anywhere, anytime. Process any approval with mWorklist’s Generic Framework Container Leverage Generic framework container to configure and integrate any customer workflow and work item that is not available in the apps' standard approvals. Drive highest level of mobile app adoption Drive adoption, innovation and productivity by providing the easiest way for employees to approve SAP work-items anywhere, anytime with our best in class user interface and user experience.

Innovapptive Inc., a premier SAP partner offers a cutting edge solution – mWorklist that tightly integrates with your SAP system to offer a robust and a comprehensive approval management experience across a wide range of industries. The solution is designed to support the existing SAP users, who could be executives, managers or departmental heads, engaged in process approvals as per their departmental hierarchy. mWorklist is a unique solution that automates the approval workflows of various departments within your organization to ensure seamless and a smooth approval transition process, without any hindrances or roadblocks. Take for instance a production department in an organization that could have hundreds of processes such as purchasing raw materials, raising invoices, supplying the goods to its customers, attending to leave requests of employees and so on. Based on a requisition raised by an executive within that department for accomplishing a specific work order, that request has to be routed to his immediate superiors for approval as per the defined departmental hierarchy and subsequently reach the production manager for final approval. Manually, this approval process may take several days, and even might be lost in the transit; but with mWorklist the entire process can be automated, with approvals just a click away – anytime, anywhere, even when his managers are physically absent in their office.

This solution also provides the flexibility to forward (delegate) the requisitions from your Inbox to any of your peer managers, in case you are on a vacation. With mWorklist, you can ensure real-time transaction approval processing, data accuracy and improved mobility and convenience. Once you configure mWorklist (for connecting to the back-end modules) on your mobile device, you can right away login, using your existing SAP credentials and get started using mWorklist.

mWorklist consists of the following modules. These are as per your role and the department you belong, you may have access for a few modules only, as relevant to the position you hold in your organization. This configuration is generally done by the systems department of your organization.

  • Shopping Carts:
  • Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Requisitions
  • Blocked Invoices
  • Travel Expense Reports
  • Contracts
  • Service Entry Sheets
  • Invoices
  • AP Invoices
  • Time Sheets
  • Leave Requests
  • GRC Approval Requests
  • Sales Quotations
  • Sales Orders
  • Work Orders
  • Notifications
  • Capital Requests
  • SRM Purchase Orders
  • Non-PO invoices
  • Journal Entries
  • Others

Fully configurable with RACE™ (Rapid App Configurator Engine)

It gives you unparalleled flexibility to zero in on the specialized, industry requirements that can turn your company's asset management into a competitive advantage. This simplicity in customizing SAP mobile solutions provides a strong value proposition and dramatically improves the overall TCO and ROI, thereby enhancing the overall customer experience to the next level.

Thus, Innovapptive’s mWorklist comes built-in with our configuration toolkit - RACE™ that empowers your IT teams to achieve infinite number of customizations of the mobile apps within minutes, translating to 40% of operational efficiency. It offers high level agility and flexibility that helps in accelerating your enterprise time to market without becoming a bottleneck. This marks the new beginning in the annals of instant mobile app customization, redefining and transforming the way customizations can be carried out, driving innovation and business efficiency to new heights.

If you would like a demo of Innovapptive’s mWorklist(Mobile Universal Approvals) solution, please click on the link. Alternatively, if you would like to discuss with an Innovapptive solution expert, you can reach out to us by emailing us at or you can reach a sales representative at (713) 275-1804.

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